Yes, We Put a Speaker on Our Camera Units

The speaker isn't on our units just to make noise. It is actually one the best tools on the LVT Units.

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January 24, 2024
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

LiveView Technologies focuses on deterrence. We are firm believers that the best way to protect your property is to prevent any intruders, criminals, or thieves from entering it in the first place. One element of our units that is crucial to supporting this belief is the two-way speaker. Most people (myself included) may ask, “Why do security cameras need a speaker? What does that do? How does it help?”

The speaker is there to add to the deterrence factor of our trailer. Keep in mind that our trailer is over eight feet long and has a mast that is more than 22 feet high when it is deployed. They have bright flashing strobe lights as well as a floodlight. The trailers don’t need any help being noticed. So then, why put the speaker?

The speaker does what the cameras, lights, and imposing trailer can’t do. And that’s to let the intruder, criminal, or potential thief know that someone is watching them—that not only will their actions be recorded, but that someone is actually observing them at that moment and can call the authorities the instant a crime is committed.

Most properties feature audio on a set a timer or messages that are motion triggered. “You are trespassing” or “This property is under video surveillance” are great warnings, but they quickly lose deterrence power when an intruder realizes that the voice is just a recording. Instead of just playing stale, pre-recorded messages, our system is actually set up to allow for live interaction. “You are trespassing. Yes, you in the green hat and black pants,” is much more intimidating than a prerecorded message every five minutes. This immediately tells the intruder that you are watching, that they are seen, and that you will defend your property.

Of course, our speaker does more than just live talk down. It can also be programmed to play motion triggered warnings, company announcements, and even music. One LVT client played Christmas music in their parking lot during business hours to give their property some festive cheer. However, our live talk down feature trumps any pre-recorded message, warning, or music.

The best part is, it is simple and easy to use. Furthermore, it can be used to help your employees as well as scarring off threats. For example, one client got creative with the feature and talked down to their employees as they are coming and leaving work so that potential assailants know that the employees aren’t alone. 

The speaker, like the rest of the LVT Unit, is controlled through the LVT Platform, our video management system (VMS). Once you login and select your LVT Unit, you can talk through your browser to your location. You can also connect to it through your phone. It is one of the strongest deterrents on LVT Units, even though it appears excessive at first glance.

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