Security Force Multiplier and Operations Solution

LVT helps Enel add security as well as give them live feeds to their remote locations.

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October 13, 2021
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

Enel is a producer of renewable energy that began in Italy in 1962. Today, the company has expanded around the globe and has projects in hydroelectric, solar, wind, nuclear, and other energy sources. In their North American market, Enel has 115 sites, each of which stretches across thousands of acres and houses millions of dollars in equipment.

Most of their sites are in remote locations that make it difficult to monitor and secure. Enter LiveView Technologies. We deployed mobile security trailers to multiple Enel locations to enhance their security. Our trailers helped deter crimes as well as monitor the sites.

As Enel used the LVT Units, more use cases appeared. Soon they discovered that LVT Unit not only amplified their security efforts, but also helped them with everyday operations on the remote locations. For example, if a site was hit hard by a storm, Enel crews used the camera to see live conditions without making the two-hour drive. Another use was that the cameras validated and confirmed the hours a subcontractor was on site, making sure that Enel was billed for the correct amount.

“We’ve had to monitor construction sites in rural areas meant for agriculture, with cattle literally roaming around,” said Phil Brophy, the Head of Security Services USA and Canada at Enel North America. “And to stand up a security position without a lot of Wi-Fi in the middle of nowhere is very challenging because you’re either running on a generator or you’re not running on anything. With LVT, there wasn’t a heavy lift—and the support is phenomenal.”

Learn more about how Enel is using LVT by reading our case study here.

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