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January 24, 2024
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

I have six nieces and two nephews all under the age of 7. While I do not have children of my own, I have learned some of the tricks and tips for handling children. One of the most important things I have learned is the sanctity of nap time. It should be protected and never disturbed except in the most extreme cases. Naps make for happier children, parents, and aunts.

Each of my siblings use video baby monitors whenever they put one of their children down for a nap. The monitors are a simple camera that streams video and audio through a secure wireless connection. Unlike traditional monitors that used radio signals to transfer audio, newer monitors allow parents to view their child even when it is dark inside the room. 

This gives parents greater peace of mind and gives them more actionable information. For instance, with a livestream, parents can see when their child really needs them or when they are just making noise in their sleep. That way they won’t accidentally wake their child up (and thus infringe on the sanctity of nap time) but will be able to help or soothe their child when necessary. They can easily check on the kid without stopping what they’re doing whether that’s cooking dinner, cleaning the living room, or pausing their TV show. It also gives the parents more freedom during naptime. They can move freely around the house with the monitor because they are never out of earshot. 

LiveView Technologies uses the same principles as modern baby monitors, but on a much larger scale. We provide truly remote surveillance that can monitor everything from construction sites, freeways, and retail parking lots to critical infrastructure and more. No matter the use case, our units increase peace of mind for our users and give them actionable data all without forcing them from the comforts of their home or office.

Remote security consists of two parts—the cameras and the monitor, or more simply, the input and the output. To be truly remote, both the input and the output need to be wireless and mobile. If only one has remote capabilities, it limits you and your security. For example, if the cameras can be remote and are wireless but how you view its footage is not, you will be tied to a single onsite computer. This hampers the remoteness (is that a word?) of the cameras since you will then be forced into visiting the camera’s location just to view footage. If you have the opposite situation, where you can view the output remotely but the cameras cannot be installed at your distant location, then you are back to square one. What’s the good of having the ability to view footage from a distant location if you can’t install the cameras to capture the footage in the first place?

Off-the-grid security cameras

Remote surveillance begins with the cameras and the biggest issue for remote cameras is reliable power. LVT cameras use multiple power sources to ensure that they can go anywhere and are truly mobile. Most of our units derive the bulk of their power from solar power. However, unless you are blind, living in space, or are quarantining in your home with the blinds drawn, daylight only lasts during the day. Go figure. So, what do you do when your main power source goes dark every 12 hours?

Obviously, we want our remote solar powered security cameras to work during the night. That is when your jobsite or location is empty and when many criminals prefer to operate. To avoid a surveillance blackout every night, we built multiple redundancies into our units so they never lose power. Yes, the bulk of our power comes from solar energy, but we capture that energy in batteries instead of simply powering the cameras every 12 hours. The batteries charge during the day, so when it is dark, they can continue to power the unit. Basically, every LVT Unit uses solar power to recharge.

Solar power is extremely renewable and is mostly reliable. However, not every day or location is bathed in the perfect amount of sunlight. That is why we use batteries that can last days without a charge. That way your security always has power no matter where it is and no matter the weather.

In extreme cases, we also use other methods to charge the batteries in a LVT Unit. This includes smart generator technology. We only put these on units that deal with extreme weather and are deployed to areas with low sunlight. However, even in these cases, we still put solar panels on the units and instead use the generator as a back up way to charge the batteries. When the generator does need to kick on, it does so automatically and without human intervention, ensuring a remote security solution.

How to monitor a security camera remotely

The second half of a remote security system is the receiver or how you view the footage. With baby monitors it is often a separate, small screen that comes with the system and is connected to the specific cameras. With LVT, we wanted to make your security even more accessible. In fact, we wanted you to have the ability to control your security no matter where you are—whether that is right next to the LVT Unit or on the other side of the globe lounging on the beach. We didn’t want to tie you to an onsite computer or even a particular type of device. We wanted to provide a completely remote solution in both senses.

Even with the best remote cameras, a security system can’t give you full flexibility unless you can easily access it anywhere. That’s why you can access your LVT Unit from anywhere in the world through a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Not only can you view live footage from your unit, but you can see and manage past alerts, control the cameras and other devices, and more. We have made it even easier to view and manage on your phone through the LVT App.

So what?

Why does any of this matter? Because just as baby monitors give parents peace of mind during nap time, we want to give you the peace of mind that comes with top-of-the-line remote security. You can be constantly informed on what is happening on your property in real-time. Furthermore, you don’t have to stop what you are doing to drive out to your location for this up-to-date information. We make security easy so you can focus on what you do best, whether that is construction or managing a retail store.

If you want to see what we can do for you, schedule a free demo today!

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