New Fuel Cells Expands Our Range

Thanks to our partnership with SFC Energy, our units are even more mobile.

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February 1, 2024
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

I have been to the official middle of nowhere. Multiple times. Most of this was during my family’s many whitewater rafting excursions throughout Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. Part of rafting is complete isolation. You only have what you brought, the people who came with you, and your brains to get out. Once you start, you have to keep going down river until you reach the takeout point. There is no AC or plumbing, no restaurants or supermarkets, and no electricity or cell phone coverage. You are completely cut off from the modern world and exposed to all of the elements—rain, wind, and extreme temperature differences (in the bottom of the Grand Canyon the air easily exceeds 100°F while the water coming out of the dam is around 45°F). In short, the middle of nowhere is a tough environment. It requires preparation, skill, the right equipment, and the right people to survive.

That tough environment is where we want LVT Units to function. We want them to have the ability to go anywhere—the busy retail parking lot down the street as well as the remote drilling site hours away from civilization. We want them to be reliable in the wind and rain, from sunny Arizona to snowy Alaska. Video surveillance is an asset to many industries and can be used for multiple purposes, including security, observation, and more. Instead of being limited by power lines and ethernet cables, we engineered LVT Units to have complete mobility so they can provide security to shoppers as well as observe the snowpack at the top of a mountain.

Our partnership with SFC Energy and the addition of their smart generator technology is a major step to make our units even more mobile. A recent SFC Energy case study found that the addition of the fuel cells has four main benefits to LiveView Technologies. They are:

  • Increased runtime and fuel efficiency—The fuel cells only consume 1–2% of the volume of fuel that typical fuel gas genset technology consumes.
  • Low maintenance—The fuel cells are reliable and require minimal upkeep, reducing operating and maintenance costs.
  • Complements solar—When solar power fails, the fuel cells kick in to keep the trailer’s batteries charged.
  • Easy setup and handling—The fuel cells are drop deployable and prepackaged. Furthermore, they come with spill-proof 60L and 28L fuel cartridges that are easy to transport.

The addition of the fuel cells removes our sole reliance on solar power. Furthermore, it is more efficient and requires less maintenance than traditional generators, making our units more cost effective without compromising productivity. The fuel cells are a no-brainer because they increase our unit’s efficiency and dependability, decrease their maintenance and operating costs, and widen their range and applications. Our partnership with SFC Energy is helping us become the premier provider of mobile surveillance cameras, even to the official middle of nowhere.

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