It’s Easy To Set Up The LVT Mobile Security System

LVT Units can be set up in minutes. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

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February 1, 2024
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Brian McFadyen
Mid-Market Account Executive in Mid-Market Sales
LiveView Technologies

Can’t you just hear a young Michael Jackson belting it out right now… “ABC, as easy as 1 2 3…”

I swear that song runs through my head when I set up the LVT mobile system for customers. And why wouldn’t it? When we pull up to a location to place a unit, it only takes minutes to set up. 

Three basic steps:

  1. Choose what to monitor
  2. Unit setup and configuration
  3. Activate the unit and customize

DONE! Of course it’s a little more detailed than that, but it isn’t more complicated. Everything about the LVT Mobile Security Trailer is made for easy movement and relocation as needed, but they are nearly impossible to steal without being caught.

Choose what to monitor:

All you need is a decent location with uninhibited southern exposure to sunlight. Park the unit and the solar array is easy to rotate into position.

Unit set up:

First thing’s first—the camera head needs to be prepped. LVT has made the entire process tool-less and easy. It helps that, on the inside of the boxes on the base unit, are full (illustrated) instructions on the entire setup. 

The single camera, Omni, is simple. Connect the camera to the Live Unit and tighten in place.'s ready to be put on the mast. The D3, or multi camera setup is just as easy, but with two extra cameras, a speaker, and a floodlight. It’s plug and play. Connect, tighten, go!

Next the Live Unit is secured on the mast and then raised up with an easy to operate crank system. Turn on the power and it is ready for the final step.

Activate and customize:

This portion is done by our LVT technicians. Now that the cameras are in place and resting easy 22 feet in the air, they give us a call. From there, we get your cameras configured and customized for you. It’s that simple and takes only minutes.

LVT is hands down the easiest mobile unit to work with while being the most secure. If you don’t believe me, just ask MJ…”easy as 1 2 3!”

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