How LVT Enhances Military Security Measures

Made in the USA, LVT provides enhanced security measures both on and off military bases with advanced surveillance and intelligent onboard analytics to meet military needs today and into the future.

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April 3, 2024
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Bayley Goldsberry
Marketing Content Writer

Military bases and other military properties are at high risk for security issues and therefore require the best and most advanced surveillance options on the market today. It’s time to move from outdated technologies to new, cutting edge security solutions that have the safety and security of individuals in mind—especially when it comes to military surveillance systems. 

Already, military bases have seen the ways in which LiveView Technologies has improved their security strategy by improving awareness, allowing for greater and quicker incident response, and cutting costs—among other benefits. 

This article will cover the many benefits of LVT’s American-made, mobile surveillance system that allows for enhanced security both on and off military bases, revolutionizing the way we view military security. 

Who is LVT?

From rapid deployment to platform-as-a-service, LVT helps you add security to even the most remote locations. Our cloud-based solution and surveillance units are completely mobile, allowing you to implement security in almost any physical environment and still monitor them from the comfort of your office.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • LVT Units consume as little as half the amount of power our competitors’ units use. We lead the industry in uptime. 
  • We use a private network so data never touches a public network. Your data is safe with us.
  • LVT can scale quickly and easily for large system deployment. 
  • Our units are smart—they can problem solve and self-heal on their own, only requiring humans for bigger decisions. Get fewer alerts and save your energy for the ones that actually need your attention.
  • Our units use significantly less cellular data than competitors. This will save you time and money while ensuring data safety and privacy.

How can LVT help in a military setting?

We’ll get more into this below, but in a nutshell, LVT helps military personnel have real-time, situational awareness at all times and in all places where it’s needed. This is a game-changer, as armed guards and outdated surveillance technologies can only do so much. 

Use Cases for LVT’s 24/7 Military Surveillance System 

Day or night, LVT has eyes on your properties and perimeters. Whether hosting a special event or monitoring an egress gate, LVT makes crowd control simple. Keep an eye on all activity in any type of weather, 24/7.

Decrease Crimes and Incidents

LVT Units have proven to deter crime and other unwanted incidents in any location where they’re placed. Our thermal cameras can detect suspicious activity at any time of day or night. With strobing lights as well as floodlights, areas can be illuminated to decrease crime. With the LVT Platform, you can control your security lights remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Log in to turn the flood lights on or off, activate strobe, or customize automated settings. Line your perimeter with LVT Units or place one at a special event to keep an eye on all activity.

Direct Personnel Efforts

With greater visibility, you can see where you need more personnel on your property. This could be part of mitigating an incident at an event, directing assistance to a natural hazard on base, or finding a soldier who has gone AWOL. Use LVT mobile units to be in more places at once.

Help with Crowd Control

During special events on-base, control crowds and monitor safety measures. With the LVT Unit’s loudspeaker, talk down to crowds to alert them, de-escalate situations where necessary, and make announcements when needed. 

The loudspeakers can also be used in parking lots, for emergency alerts, for gate regulation, and threat deterrence. For an advanced military perimeter surveillance system, LVT covers all your bases. 

Record Incidents

When an incident happens at your base’s perimeter, in the lot where military trucks are parked, during training exercises, or even at the bar on the base, LVT has got your back. With our intuitive software, you can have all the data you need. LVT’s proprietary software archives events and data as they happen. This means you can go back to investigate an incident where necessary and move forward with confidence that you know what happened.

Our command center gives you the power to log, organize, and archive incidents, false alarms, notes, and more. Hone in on the activity most important to you and build your own security analytics to discern trends, predict patterns, and make adjustments to your equipment.

LVT’s Rugged Design is Made for Military

Our remote, mobile, all-weather design is ideal for military standards. LVT is built to last with the following features:

  • Made in USA 
  • IPV6 weather rating
  • NDAA certified cameras
  • Solar powered
  • Smart Generator backup
  • API customization to your specific VMS
  • Secure, private, proprietary cellular communication network

LVT is GSA Approved

LiveView Technologies was granted a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract by the General Services Administration (GSA), allowing government-funded entities to purchase LVT® Units through a standardized and streamlined process. Find the digital guide here for more information.

To learn more about what LVT can do for military bases, schedule a call here. 

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