Hello LiveView Technologies. Meet Tourism.

You probably didn’t know we were in the tourism industry, but now you do!

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February 1, 2024
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Michael Hanks
Customer Marketing Manager
LiveView Technologies

You already know that our units are heavily involved in retail, construction, infrastructure, law enforcement and a few others. We excel in helping discover, deter, defend for each of those industries. But what if I told you that we even help the tourism industry?

Let me introduce West Yellowstone. A lovely city in Montana that serves as the most popular gateway into Yellowstone National Park! Passing through West Yellowstone is the quickest way to reach one of the most popular destinations in the area: Old Faithful. The town has a population of 1,000, but sees more than 4 million visitors per year as people visit the national park.

So why do they need a LVT Unit? Well, high on a mountain top, where there is no electrical or infrastructure for miles, the town wanted to set up a camera to show time lapse of snowfall and snow melt, and also be a reliable live webcam for their website. Want to know a secret? That livestream embedded on their website is their top visited page! You can go anytime and get a gorgeous view of Hebgen Lake. You can view it here

Not only did their solution have to work without electricity, it had to withstand an average snowfall of 150 inches and temperatures of 4.8–72.9 degrees Fahrenheit. That was no problem for our LVT Unit and the West Yellowstone Tourist Business Improvement District has “never had a problem with the LVT Unit.” 

There seems to be no end of use cases for our units! Feel free to read more about this use case here.

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