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Mobile security solutions from LVT do not rely on traditional power or internet hookups.

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January 28, 2022
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Karina Jacobs
Senior Technical Writer
LiveView Technologies

In fall of 2020, we received a call from one of our retail clients. They wanted to make sure their employees had packed up the mobile unit correctly. After confirming that yes, everything was correct, they had employees at their 50+ other locations pack up units and wheel them through the front doors of their stores. This was in preparation for Eta, a class 4 hurricane that was scheduled to roll across Florida by the next day. A few days later, when it was safe to return to the stores, employees wheeled the units out the front doors and back into position on the parking lots. Within minutes, their security systems were in the sunshine, soaking up rays, ready to start monitoring again.

While not everyone lives in tornado row or hurricane alley, there are other reasons for needing mobility. The unit is easy to set up at short-term situations, such as concerts, events, and rallies, as easily as permanent locations. It is entirely self-contained, encompassing its power, cameras, and connection in one place, and is conveniently deployed by the twist and pull of a few pins and knobs. 


At LiveView Technologies, we are keenly aware of the ideals of self-sufficiency, and that extends to our products, too. Security systems are supposed to be sentinels, rather unnoticed, not requiring much attention or resources. Knowing that, having a trailer plugged into a socket as a permanent solution creates risk for tampering and unnecessary exposure to environmental factors that could damage the cable or cause shorts and fry out the system boards. And there’s also the additional financial drain for the customer, who would have to pay the power bill when it comes due. Even more, our locations for unit placement would become limited to sites with preexisting electricity. We wanted versatility in our product, and the ability to take it anywhere. A wired solution would not do. 

Given that our sun provides free energy in abundance, solar panels became the obvious choice to supply power to our systems. So, if your hot spot is in the middle of a mountain, a desert, or island getaway, having power would be the least of the concerns. And with a generator backup system, hot spots in the snowy, sun-deprived, northern hemisphere can keep consistent power too. 


Another puzzle to tackle was streaming and connectivity. How could we ever get consistent video streaming if traditional wired or wireless internet isn’t everywhere our trailers go? Even more, what about password protection, hacking prevention, and other security concerns of connecting with Wi-Fi? Our answer became cell phones. Our mobile units use cellular technology to securely provide live camera feeds to VMS portals, stabilizing uptime and quality. Talk about reliability!

And our units are not the only product we keep versatile and ready to go anywhere, our VMS portal goes anywhere too. Accessible anywhere there’s internet, you can check camera feeds from the office computer or from your phone while traveling. 

With solar power, cellular connectivity, and convenient mobility, where will LiveView’s mobile units go next?

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