Employee Highlight: Jared Constantine

Meet Jared, a support project coordinator and active U.S. Marine.

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August 9, 2021
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

Jared Constantine

Support Project Coordinator

Jared Constantine grew up in southern Alabama and has been part of the LVT family for more than three years. He started as a forklift driver before moving to manufacturing where he worked on technical writing, manufacturing engineering, and quality control. From there he was recruited by the technical support team.

As a support project coordinator, Constantine works behind the scenes. “I make sure the tech support team is set up for success,” he said. “The biggest thing I’m known for currently is building the entire troubleshooting tree…[which] I currently manage and make sure it is up to date.”

Constantine loves to learn. He is currently working towards a degree in commercial music with plans to go to medical school. Learning is also a big part of his job and it’s his favorite part. “Coming to work each day with something new to challenge me and make me think more critically…[is] almost as if I’m being paid to learn and grow.”

Outside of LVT, Constantine plays multiple instruments and enjoys cooking, particularly Southern/Cajun recipes. He is also in the United States Marine Corp and has been serving for four years. His current billet is Fire Directional Control Chief in the infantry in a light armored reconnaissance unit.

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