Deterrence-Based Security Works—We Can Prove It

Watch how LVT mobile security trailers can deter crimes before they happen.

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January 24, 2024
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

In the real world, some things that have to be proven include which football team is better or which cake recipe tastes the best. In each case, the team or cake proves it’s better than its competition by outperforming them—none of which can be accurately described in a product description or by a photo.

For example, a football team may have the scariest looking group of 6-foot-6-inch, 300-pound men covered in grisly beards, muscle, and scars. In media interviews and social media posts, each player and coach boast about their superiority. But what happens when they get on the field and lose 49-0, 56-7, and 42-14, finally ending their season with an overall record of 0-12? They may look intimidating off the field, but they will soon become the laughing stalk of the entire conference because they failed to prove that they were a good team. Or, as every football announcer would say, “They failed to execute.”

Or for all those baking fans out there, a layer cake can be pictured with the prettiest pristine pink frosting and beautiful piping around the top with crisp chocolate accents. Furthermore, the author may describe the recipe as the best tasting, most beautiful slice of heaven found on earth, but if the cake tastes like freshly dug dirt, then clearly it will not be the best-ever cake. In short, the proof of the pudding (or in this instance, the cake) is in the eating.

In each case, the looks (or the excessive adjectives and alliteration) cannot make up for the lack of substance. When it comes to actual proof, both the team and the cake cannot back up their claims. The same is true for security systems.

I can write for weeks (actually months—see the blog page for proof) about the security benefits of LiveView Technologies (LVT), but it means little if I can’t prove it. I can tell you all about our really cool cloud-based, mobile security. Or how we use deterrence to protect your property. But instead of telling you about it, why don’t I show you?

The videos show the power of deterrence. In each one, you see how the LVT Unit triggers an alert and warns intruders off the property. Each video was recorded on our mobile surveillance trailers. Most of the trailers are stationed in retail parking lots. Another is stationed in the back of the store, looking at the receiving docks.

The videos clearly show that deterrence-based security works. If you would like to learn more about LVT and how we discover, deter, defend, sign up for a free demo. Also try reading this blog on the benefits of deterrence. 

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