Harnessing Crime Reduction with Cutting-Edge Cloud-Based Remote Surveillance

Leaders in asset protection see cloud-based remote surveillance systems as a worthwhile investment.

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July 4, 2024
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Meg Moore
Marketing Writer

Ever get burned by the notorious black (or blue) screen of death? Or, for Mac users, the kaleidoscope of that dastardly spinning wheel?

Before cloud computing, countless workers and students unleashed a torrent of NSFW insults, screeds, and pleas directed at their computers. Forgetting their CPU’s golden rule, “save early and often,” often resulted in hours of lost work, gallons of caffeine, and in the worst-case scenario, a dreaded all-nighter.

These days when a computer takes an ill-timed time-out, it’s an annoyance, not all-out despair. That’s because people’s work—or their last location in their video game—is “in the cloud.”

Cloud-based computing power has ushered in a new era of business applications as well as user satisfaction. With company IT leaders no longer dependent on building and maintaining secure on-site server networks, business leaders see the benefits of deploying additional cloud-based services and blockchain technologies, especially for surveillance camera systems.

A recent Cloud Security Alliance report revealed that 98% of organizations worldwide use cloud services, including SaaS applications and complete cloud-native networks. IT leaders now default to cloud-based services, according to Foundry's 2023 Cloud Computing research. Survey respondents report that nearly one-third of tech budgets are earmarked for cloud computing solutions and 66% of decision-makers expect to increase their spending on these technologies over the next 12 months.


While many IT solutions can have high price tags and are conspicuously expensive line items that CFOs notice, asset protection leaders believe cutting-edge cloud-based remote surveillance systems are worth the investment. That’s because they know how instrumental these systems are, not only in thwarting crime but adding value to the overall business.

Recent innovations in cloud video surveillance can now deliver a greater return on investment for companies. There are uses for all functions across an organization, including:

  • Defending sites from bad actors
  • Improving customer service
  • Uncovering fraud and reducing losses from theft
  • Providing fraud protection
  • Analyzing performance trends
  • Strengthening marketing, sales, operations, and compliance strategies

Every business faces different sets of security challenges. Retailers, logistics, and transportation companies combat organized retail crime syndicates. Restaurants and entertainment venues must prioritize their patrons, fans, and workers’ safety. Municipalities, government entities, and utility companies must secure critical infrastructure across the U.S. Builders, property managers, and housing authorities need to keep unauthorized people off their properties.

When security is at stake, cloud-based remote monitoring and surveillance is the choice leaders should make.


This is why many companies deploy LiveView Technologies’ proprietary cloud video surveillance system. The cost-effective, completely secure VMS solution ensures clients’ on-demand data is only accessible to authorized users and never appears on a public network. LVT owns every system it uses, from its software to its complete tech stack, making it completely secure from outside interference.

“When people think about LiveView Technologies, a lot of times they think we’re a hardware provider,” LVT Chief Business Development Officer David Studdert said. “But there’s so much more to what we do—because of the cloud, solar technologies, and cellular technologies— that we find ourselves as the premier cloud security provider in the world.”

With the LVT Platform, backed by robust video analytics, users can conveniently access live video feeds and review previously recorded footage, either using the app or an online dashboard. This frees users from being tied to a specific workstation. They can proactively watch footage or respond to an incident from anywhere, which reduces the time it takes to assess threats and respond appropriately.

In addition, using LVT’s cloud storage means video footage remains off-site, reducing the possibility of tampering, theft, or system failures. In the event of an on-site system failure, LVT’s cloud system ensures data and recordings remain uncompromised, and can serve as vital evidence for law enforcement if necessary. LVT handles all cybersecurity and maintenance upgrades.

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LVT offers a state-of-the-art surveillance solution that enhances a location’s physical security measures in real time, detects intruders, and responds to threats promptly by providing:

  • 360-degree remote monitoring
  • Robust video analytics
  • AI event-driven alerts
  • IoT orchestration and edge computing
  • Automated behavior and data gathering
  • Proactive deterrence methods

Time to upgrade? Learn why our customers trust LVT to prevent crime with a demo from our team.

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