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May 15, 2024
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James Wang
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There’s no question that retail is a major driver of the economy. Not only does it stimulate the economy, it creates jobs, and can also provide a service to the community in the form of goods or services. It should come as no surprise that retail crime is one of the biggest threats and a major pothole in profitability when it comes to the success of businesses.

In fact, National Retail Federation (NRF) numbers from 2021 show that an estimated $94.5 billion was lost to shoplifting and other forms of retail shrink nationwide, which includes damaged or lost goods and employee theft.

It’s no wonder that retailers are leaning on the industry-dependable surveillance camera—which is now packed with even more cutting-edge technological advances— as the centerpiece of their retail security solution and strategy. 


Theft Deterrence

According to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), when it comes to deterring crime, the perception of the certainty of being caught is far more influential than the punishment itself. In other words, as security experts like to point out, the best way to battle potential crime is to prevent it from ever happening in the first place.

As a result, a comprehensive and pronounced camera security presence can play a big role in reducing and preventing crime. The prominence of surveillance cameras sends a message that security is a paramount priority and that the monitoring of the premises is a continuous effort. It creates a psychological and behavioral barrier to dissuade crime and other unwanted activities, knowing that the area is being watched and activities are being potentially recorded. It lends to that notion that being caught is all but a certainty.

With emerging advancements like motion detection, night-vision, the ability to activate strobe lighting and two-way communication, these surveillance cameras are packing more technological punch than what you may remember.

Surveillance Efficiencies

Cameras are no longer huge, fixed behemoths. They are now sleeker and nimbler than ever. Mobile security units allow cameras to be configured and reconfigured to meet your needs and evolve with them if they ever change. Since mobile units can run on solar power and without any wires to plug in, they are essentially deployable in any area or situation. This allows for flexibility in placement and takes the pressure off from having to commit to the placement of each camera. If there is a blind spot or an area that warrants additional coverage or angles, you can simply add a unit or move another camera from someplace else to support that area. This allows for flexibility and allows for the system to grow with your business.

Remote Monitoring

Surveillance cameras can now provide the end-user with 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities which allows for constant surveillance over distance and with multiple users. This can also allow users to manage multiple locations around the clock from anywhere. Retailers and managers can be alerted and access the feeds through any smartphone, tablet, or desktop app which gives them the ability to have real-time access to situations that may need further assessment and determination on what the next steps should be. This ability can be the difference in de-escalating a situation or taking life-saving actions.

Investigations and Evidence Collection

When surveillance cameras aren’t enough to deter criminals, they can be a vital tool in helping to apprehend criminals, furthering investigations, and the collection of evidence for prosecutions or litigation. 

As we know, eyewitness accounts, while helpful, can sometimes be inaccurate despite the confidence or sincerity of the account. Studies have shown as time passes, the accuracy of details within human recollection fades, or even alters. However, surveillance cameras, with their capacity to record and store videos on the cloud for a period of time, allow for an irrefutable documentation of events. This can be invaluable for prosecutions of criminal events or to clear up discrepancies in civil disagreements or lawsuits. 

In addition, having a record of incidents may help retailers and law enforcement identify trends in criminal activity or help provide clues to repeated security vulnerabilities. 

Employee Performance and Training

Surveillance cameras can also encourage an environment where employees feel like they are being held accountable for their actions and performance. It can discourage employee theft and bad behavior. While the merits of utilizing surveillance cameras to monitor employee productivity can be controversial, one of the areas where cameras can overwhelmingly make a positive contribution is a means to identify areas of opportunity when it comes to employee training. Retailers can utilize real life scenarios and situations to identify any additional training or to provide extra resources to help fill in the gaps. Much like a recorded call can be an invaluable training tool for a call center, video surveillance can be a boon for retailers looking to strengthen security protocols.

However, this isn’t just limited to prevention of crime, but it can be indispensable as a retention and development tool in improving employee skills, recognizing outstanding performance, and improving overall customer experiences. In fact, 32% of Americans started their first jobs in the retail sector, which makes it a critical time in their overall professional development.   

Maximize Operational Efficiencies

Surveillance cameras aren’t limited to critical development tools or to better protect assets—they can also help optimize operations and their efficiencies.   

Cameras can help identify purchasing patterns and decipher what times of day are the busiest. It can also help determine inventory needs and optimize store layouts. This can result in better product placement, analysis of promotions, and improve the product availability to each individual location to maximize profits. 

In addition, it can provide insight to staffing needs and scheduling to ensure that the needs of the business are dialed in. By ensuring staffing is prioritized when it’s most busy and having less staff during down times of the day, it creates an optimal way to utilize payroll which ensures a better customer experience, which can lead to better sales, and better profits. 

Retail operations require protection against theft, shoplifting, and employee misconduct. LVT’s security systems provide features such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and alarm systems to ensure the safety of both customers and employees. See how LVT can help create an integrated and robust security strategy that is tailored to your business needs. While camera surveillance is central to any security monitoring model, LVT’s cutting edge advancements bring a next generation approach to keeping your business, employees, and customers a top-of-mind priority.

To learn more, book a demo with an LVT security expert.

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