How to Choose the Right Mobile Business Security System for Your Parking Lot

What features should your business security have? Which ones work the best to defend your parking lot?

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January 23, 2024
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Nikki Siegel
Marketing Writer

When it comes to safeguarding your parking lot and your business, choosing the right security is vital to ensure both safety and peace of mind. With all of the options available in today’s market, it can be a daunting task to select the perfect match for your business, but it’s a task that gets just a little bit easier if broken down by key features.

To help you cover your bases, we’ve comprised a list of five key factors to consider as you choose your parking lot’s mobile security system:

Self-Contained Units

Pavement, curbing, lines—there really isn’t that much to a parking lot even though it serves an important function for businesses. Because of this, it’s inherently lacking the basic utilities that wired security camera systems require. The good news? A good mobile security camera tower comes with all the right equipment, saving you from costly infrastructure.

Self-contained mobile security trailers come equipped with their own power source and their own camera mounts. This allows you to park your camera anywhere you might need it in your lot, fully deploying the unit within minutes. This mobility allows you to easily relocate your cameras if you find their current vantage points aren’t exactly what you need.

LVT Units have solar panels and a back-up battery, keeping your cameras up and running without the use of external utilities. As an added bonus, this also means your security cameras will keep rolling even if your power goes out unexpectedly.

Fully deployed, these units take up only the space of a single parking stall. While they don’t take up a much of your valuable real estate, they’re definitely noticeable, acting as an automatic deterrent to wrongdoing in your parking lot.

Cellular Connectivity

Wi-Fi is incredibly helpful in so many situations. Unfortunately, a remote parking lot without built-in utilities isn’t one of them. This is why a mobile security system for businesses with remote surveillance should rely on cellular connectivity instead.

Cellular towers offer not only more reliable connections than Wi-Fi, but also better cost efficiency. LVT’s cellular connection offers low latency and high upload speeds—perfect for livestreaming video surveillance footage.

Mobile Platform

The best mobile security unit in the world won’t do you much good if you don’t have an easy way to access it. That’s why a mobile security unit needs to be paired with an equally excellent mobile platform.

A good mobile security platform enables you to livestream your footage from any mobile device in any location. It should also allow you to seamlessly switch from camera to camera and manage multiple units if needed.

LVT’s video management system, known as the LVT Platform, gives you full control of your system from wherever you are. You can use it to access archived footage, control your cameras, speakers and floodlights, and take still shots.

As it’s cloud native, the LVT Platform automatically stores your video recordings in the cloud, allowing for easy access and retrieval without you needing to add extra infrastructure for archived footage.

Camera Capabilities

When deciding what cameras would be best suited to your mobile security camera tower, it’s important to consider your parking lot’s specific needs. You might need wide angles, or you might need high resolution to put a face (or license plate number) to the issue. Different cameras offer different strengths, but here are a few of the main factors to think about:

Field of View

A wide field of view enables widespread coverage of your lot; however, these wide angled cameras can sometimes offer decreased image quality. If you need to cover a large area and keep the resolution as sharp as possible, consider a pan-tilt-zoom camera, which—as its name implies—can pan, tilt, and zoom in on and toward any subject you need. The PTZ camera allows you to track issues in progress.


While lower resolution cameras can still help you see an overall picture of your space, higher resolution offers the ability to really get the details of an issue or subject. If you need the ability to capture a face or license plate number, you will likely need your image resolution at at least 1440p.

Night Vision/Thermal Imaging

A brightly lit parking lot tends to increase feelings of security and decrease crime, but it’s not always possible (or desired) to keep your parking area lit at all hours. In order to keep your cameras capturing footage, look into night vision or thermal imaging capabilities. Night vision works by amplifying any visible light, while thermal imaging (which works in complete darkness) uses infrared sensors to detect and record temperature. Because it’s not restricted to what’s strictly visible, thermal imaging can even see through camouflage.

Additional Features

While the main function of a mobile security camera tower is to provide housing for the camera itself, it certainly isn’t limited to that. Floodlights, strobe lights, sirens, and loudspeakers can all be part of the unit, giving you the ability to immediately react to any wrongdoing in your lot.

As LVT Units offer advanced detection, your unit can alert you to any irregular activity as soon as it happens. Advanced detection also enables your lights, sirens, and loudspeakers to react to the unusual activity instantly.

Interested in an LVT mobile unit for your business’s parking lot? Contact LVT for more information.

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