Adding Security to Public Access Zones

In almost every business, there is an area that the public has access to. But even this area needs some type of security.

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June 18, 2021
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

In every business there are differing levels of security. This is particularly obvious in retail spaces where there are places where customers can go and more restricted areas. This is also apparent in other types of businesses, including your basic office building. For example, my security badge gets me in the front door and into the bathroom. There are some areas, like IT, that I cannot go without an escort. Each area, or zone of the building has different security protocols in place. This is just good practice that helps ensure your company is safe.

Outside of a business can also have multiple surveillance zones that have differing levels of security, each more restrictive than the last. However, no matter what type of business it is they almost all have to have some level of public access. Very few locations will ever be completely closed to the public, most of which are those that are either the government or work with the government. But think about it—businesses need places for visitors to park, a reception area to greet visitors, and a place for deliveries to be made. Public access areas include the building perimeter, foyers and reception areas, interview areas, parking lots, and more.

Naturally this creates a weak spot for anyone trying to steal or commit other crimes. That’s why it’s important to have a certain level of security even in the zone where the public has access. This will not only benefit your company, but it will also help ensure the safety of your employees.

The parking lot is the most unsecured area of any business, unless it is similar to a military base that strictly restricts access to everything, including its parking lot. This is where the most thefts, property crimes, and even violent crimes will happen because there is little security in a large area with lots of traffic.

The most common way to increase parking lot safety is to place security cameras and guards in the lot. While traditional parking lot security cameras can help reduce crimes and other incidents, they do have many drawbacks. First, while placing security cameras does give your security team eyes in the sky, the cameras are often hidden and don’t actually deter many crimes. Second, they confine your security team to watching monitors in the back room. Third, they only provide retroactive security, providing evidence of the incident and of the person who committed it. They don’t allow you an opportunity to act during an incident.

Enter LiveView Technologies. Our units have proven to help increase parking lot theft prevention while decreasing other incidents. In fact, one national retailer saw a decrease of up to 70% in parking lot incidents by placing LVT Units in their lots.

LVT Units are mobile security trailers that are easy to deploy and they employ active deterrents like lights and a two-way speaker. Furthermore, each unit automatically connects to the LVT Platform—our cloud-based video management system (VMS). The LVT Platform allows you to watch the unit's livestream as well as look up its old footage. It also creates and sends alerts in real-time, giving the user an opportunity to act during the event rather than just retroactively. Furthermore, LVT Units can augment security personnel by allowing them the mobility they need while maintaining surveillance on the property. The LVT Platform can be accessed on any desktop, tablet, or phone because all it needs is a browser not an IT heavy, on-premises, closed network system.

If you are interested in finding out more about LVT or even scheduling a free demo, fill out this form and we will reach out to you.

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