Access Your Security from Your Phone

You no longer need a backroom full of monitors to access security footage.

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April 8, 2022
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

Remember when your teachers used to say you better learn how to do something because you won’t have a way to find the answer in the real world? For example, that you won’t have a calculator, or you won’t have Google, so you better learn mental math or how to spell? Well, we showed them. Thank goodness for cell phones. Now we have instant access to anything we want to search. So why should security be any different?

The LVT Platform is a cloud-based video management system. For non-techie people like me, this means you are not restricted to a particular computer, location, or time to view security footage. You do not have to go into the office to look at a wall of monitors in the backroom. Rather, you can log in from your laptop, tablet, or your smartphone to see both live footage and archived recordings.

This provides much needed flexibility. For example, if you are on a business trip on the other side of the world and need to check on your property, you can quickly login and see it. Or if you are a general contractor that needs to check on a different job site that is several hours away, you can easily see sub-contractors and the progress on the site by logging in on your phone. Even the days of having guards watching the bank of monitors are over. Instead, you can give your security team mobile access and augment their abilities.

By having mobile access to security footage, you free yourself of unnecessary wires and hardware. You are not tied down to a particular location to view footage, and you don’t have to waste your time getting to that location. Rather you can access it at any time, anywhere in the world.

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