Law Enforcement Surveillance

Law enforcement agencies are facing unprecedented challenges, criticism, and pressure. You need tools that will allow you to protect your force and the public.

If a large crowd is gathering, you can immediately deploy a LVT camera unit and have surveillance in less than 30 minutes. You can utilize thermal sensors, video recordings, license plate readers, and alerts and notifications. And when the crowd clears or the event is over, simply take down the unit and drive away.

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LiveView Technologies knows your job is tough.

Our job is to provide tools you can use to protect the public and yourself. Gather evidentiary video, deploy units rapidly without needing an IT person, and see everything that happens anywhere you need to see it.

Your job is to protect and serve...and stay safe. Let us help.

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Rapid Response

Mobile and wireless deployment

LVT provides mobile surveillance without wires, power, or an IT specialist. Instead, you can immediately set up surveillance—in just minutes—wherever you need it.

Simply place the unit wherever you would like and, in less than 30 minutes, you'll have live surveillance with world-class features like thermal imagery, perimeter security, gunshot detection, two way speakers, and license plate recognition.

Then once you need to move on to a new location, just take it down, attach the trailer to a vehicle, and drive it away.

The mere presence of the LVT units helps with everything from civil unrest to crowd control to simply high crime areas.

Custom sounds, sensors and Lighting

Technology for public gatherings and crowd control

It's not just simple rapidly deployed surveillance and cameras.

Optional two-way speakers allow you to play recorded messages or speak directly to the crowd via the LVT unit. You can also arm custom lights—strobes, blue flashing lights, red lights, or other custom lighting to get the attention of a group of people.

Often the mere appearance of an LVT unit will deter a crowd or unlawful behavior.

And use custom features like license plate reading to determine if cars who shouldn't be in an area, are in an area.

Read how one Maryland county used LVT to help monitor crowds and voting locations during the 2020 election.

see the bad guys at night too

Thermal sensors at your fingertips

State-of-the-art thermal sensing technology allows you to monitor movement even at night. Receive alerts and notifications when a person moves inside of a pre-determined perimeter. Or use it to track people hiding behind bushes, fences or even in buildings.

And remember, you can deploy this in moments.

Rapid Deployment

We understand that your day-to-day changes rapidly. You may not know where or when you'll need surveillance. LVT was designed to be very mobile and rapid. Simply tow a mobile camera unit to where you want it and set it up in less than 30 minutes.

Solar Powered

You don't need power, you don't wires. You don't need anything but the LVT unit. The unit is completely solar-powered.

High Crime Areas

Deploy an LVT camera unit in a high crime park, homeless camp, or parking lot and watch the crime go down. Deterrence happens simply because the unit is there.

Flashing Lights

Your camera unit can be outfitted with strobe lights, blue flashing lights or large floodlights. These can be triggered when someone comes close to a camera OR when they're engaging in suspicious activity. You can even trigger them remotely.


LVT camera units are overt and not covert. They're designed and built to be seen. Put them in high-crime places and watch that crime go down.

Cloud VMS

Our world class Cloud VMS allows you to capture video for evidentiary purposes and carefully manage chain of custody.

Two-Way Audio

LVT units can also include two-way audio. That means you can hear what's happening near the unit. You can also communicate directly to people nearby, to provide instruction, commands, or warnings.

Custom Audio Messages

Pre-record messages to play in crowd control situations, make announcements LIVE over the speakers, or even use sounds like barking dogs or sirens.

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