Housing Surveillance

Whether in a high-density apartment or townhome community, in the parking lot of a condominium complex, or in an HOA, the residents need safety. They need surveillance and security.

LVT surveillance units are entirely mobile, easy-to-setup and easy to move. And you can login to the LVT Platform from anywhere and see live video, recorded video, even state-of-the-art features like thermal sensors and license plate detection. Keep your community safe.

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The Functionality You want

Protect your home and community

License plate readers, thermal sensors, custom lights and audio, world-class video surveillance—it's all available and part of the LVT camera unit.

These are features that used to be available only for massive companies. Now they're available to you in your apartment communities, condos, or HOAs.


Monitor on any device

Via a simple log in, you can access live video feeds, recordings, set up alerts and notifications, and even gather deep analytics about your surveillance.

You can log in anytime, from anywhere. And the best part: you can completely manage access to the video.

Rapid deployment

Set up in minutes—not months

This is state-of-the-art surveillance that you can set up nearly instantly. No need to dig up parking lots at your apartment complex to run wires to a surveillance system and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get it up and running. Those days are done.

Instead LVT camera units set up in minutes and don't require wires, internet or electricity. They rapidly deploy and you can set them up where you need them.

Have a courtyard at an apartment complex that's riddled with crime? Put a unit there. What about a corner of a parking lot that's constantly vandalized? Put one there too.

Stop Vandalism

In many apartment communities there is a constant fear of vandalism or loitering. Simply placing an LVT camera unit near in your parking lots solves that issue.

Increase Occupancy Rates

Studies show that apartments with visible surveillance are more attractive to buyers and tenants. They feel safer when they see an LVT camera. It makes a difference.

Deter Crime

Simply placing an LVT unit in an apartment building courtyard, parking lot, or at a random corner in a neighborhood will decrease crime. The data is clear.

Easy to Deploy

LVT camera units can be set up in minutes. There are no wires required and no IT guy either. Simply follow the steps on our installation guide and you'll have world-class surveillance at your fingertips in no time.

No wires. No problem.

Don't spend months or weeks installing some old-school surveillance system. Deploy LVT's solar-powered units immediately. They don't even need Internet. Just put them where you want them and go.

Custom and Flexible

Maybe you just need to capture live video and record videos. Great. Or, perhaps you want thermal sensors, two-way speakers, strobe lights, flashing blue lights, and license plate readers to keep your community safe. That's great too.

Cloud VMS

You don't need room full of monitors and full-time staff to watch those monitors. Instead everything you need is available on the Cloud and via a simple log in.

Easy to Use

Once the camera units are deployed you can simply log in to the LVT Platform from any device--including your smartphone--and access live video, recordings, alerts, thermal imagery and even license plate data.

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