Roads & Infrastructure Surveillance

Keep your eyes on your highways, your bridges, your railways, your power plants, even in the most remote places. Use LVT cameras and the LVT Platform, or, if you prefer, simply plug your existing hardware into our software.

The most sophisticated transportation departments in the U.S. use LiveView Technologies to keep eyes on their highways.

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Your Hardware. our Software.

Plug your network into our Cloud

You may already have cameras deployed on many of your streets and bridges. If you do, you can plug your cameras into the LVT Platform and utilize our world-class software to operate your cameras.

If you don't already have world-class surveillance, you can deploy LVT cameras on fixed positions like light poles and underpasses. These units won't require power or Internet. They're designed to run from the edge with solar power. By using LVT hardware AND software you'll have the ability to utilize every single LVT feature: thermal sensors, two way speakers, license plate recognition as well as alerts an notifications.

This is an entirely customizable security and surveillance system for your needs.

Instant access. Remote viewing.

Protect your streets or power grid from anywhere

You'll be up and live in minutes. And you'll be able to view and control the cameras from anywhere on Earth.

Log in to the LVT mobile app at the soccer game, at dinner or in your home office. You'll instantly have access to the most powerful surveillance system on the planet.

Mobile and Rapid

Set up cameras instantly. Wherever you need them.

Have an intersection that needs extra eyes? 

Deploy an LVT mobile unit to the spot. Set it up in less than 30 minutes and then utilize the world-class functionality of LiveView Technologies.

Or, if you want to track traffic patterns on a remote interstate, you can deploy a LVT Unit and plug it in to the same system you use to manage the rest of your cameras.

Monitor Roadways

You need to monitor and track changing weather conditions, roadway incidents, and traffic patterns. With LVT your video is at your fingertips, is easy-to-manage, and analyze.

Public Information

You can keep the public informed by embedding the LVT videos on any website, providing them to media, or law enforcement agencies.

Eyes on Construction

Viewing construction projects from above in real-time will allow you to make budgetary, timeline, and completion projections with more accuracy.

Security and Safety

Our department of transportation customers use LVT to keep their roadways safe. They receive alerts and notifications when there are obstructions or debris on the roadway.

Rapid Deployment

Getting a new system, or even a new camera set up shouldn't take months, or weeks, or even days or hours. It should take minutes. With LVT camera units you can set up in minutes.

Solar Powered

You don't need wires, internet or even electricity to set up and run LVT surveillance. The camera units run completely by solar power.

Remote Access

Access your cameras with a simple login from anywhere on Earth--even your smartphone.

Custom Cloud VMS

You can use your existing cameras and plug them into the LVT Platform. Or, you can use our hardware and software. OR...use a mixture of cameras and simply plug them in to LVT.

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