Securing the 2022 Hy-Vee INDYCAR Race Weekend

See how LiveView Technologies helped secure the racetrack during the Hy-Vee IndyCar Race Weekend.

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The 2022 Hy-Vee INDYCAR Race Weekend attracted over 80,000 fans, making it one of the most monumental weekends in the track's 16-year history. In addition to thrilling races, attendees were treated to unforgettable performances by renowned artists such as Tim McGraw, Florida Georgia Line, Gwen Stefani, and Blake Shelton, as well as diverse dining experiences and even a food truck competition. Beyond the racetrack, the event's impact was felt across the region—visitors from across the U.S. and overseas bolstered hotels, restaurants, and businesses in Newton, Des Moines, and throughout central Iowa. 

Hy-Vee, who sponsored the event, needed to ensure security and safety during the 3-days. Although the Iowa Speedway race tracks had some existing surveillance cameras, the magnitude of the event demanded more comprehensive camera coverage and visual deterrents. The goal was to create a secure environment by capturing any potential evidence for future needs and deterring misconduct through overt security measures.


Hy-Vee knew the event would bring in tens of thousands of people, and that tight security coverage was crucial for a successful, fun-filled weekend. The deployment of LVT Units at the event set a new standard for safety in large-scale gatherings. 


Despite a few arrests, crime was very low and the event remained free from violent incidents. The prominent placement of LVT Units throughout the venue deterred potential wrongdoers and provided reassurance to attendees. Even after law enforcement's departure at 1 AM each day, LVT Units maintained 24/7 coverage, eradicating any vulnerabilities that could have been exploited during the nighttime.


The portability of the LVT Units proved to be a game-changer during the event.  Jamie Sipes,  Chief Security Officer at Hy-Vee, explained that the ease with which the units could be relocated to address shifting security needs enabled comprehensive coverage of critical areas. This adaptability was particularly crucial in an event as dynamic as the INDYCAR Race Weekend, where people and activities were spread out across the venue. 


LVT cameras enabled event officials to swiftly respond to evolving situations. Within a bustling crowd of over 40,000 attendees, vigilant staff promptly detected and tracked an individual who had infiltrated the event using forged security credentials. LVT Units also facilitated the location and reunion of two lost children with their concerned guardians and provided evidence of racetrack damage caused by a semi-truck. 


This collaboration between Hy-Vee and LVT highlights the effectiveness of proactive measures in securing large-scale events. The unmistakable return on investment lies in safeguarding over 80,000 individuals, allowing for a smooth-running event that generated a positive economic boost for the rural Midwest town. 

The success achieved at the Hy-Vee INDYCAR Race Weekend has paved the way for further collaboration. With plans to extend the partnership to four new states, Hy-Vee is confident in the efficacy of LVT Units in ensuring safety, enhancing the event experience, and safeguarding people, property, and assets.

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