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D3 Security Unit

Meet the D3 Security Unit. These robust systems are built with cutting-edge technology, both in the hardware and software that powers them.

Most LVT Units feature the D3 Live Unit configuration which has three cameras, two thermal optics, three optical cameras, a talk-down speaker, strobe lights, and floodlights. It is an incredibly powerful tool powered by what we call our edge controller. The edge controller is the brains of the operation. It runs the unit, including its self-healing capabilities and its advanced analytics. It tells you what you want to know when you want to know.

On the hardware side there are two 400 watt solar panels that provide solar energy year round. If the unit doesn't get as much sun because of its location or the weather, there are battery backups in the box and it can be equipped with one of our smart generators.

Each unit is equipped with physical security in the tip-down hitch post so it can't be tow away, and the mast can't be taken up or down when it is locked into place. It is only accessible by a key. There are also four outriggers that keep it stable in high wind. The outriggers also help secure the unit from being stolen. In more than 15 years, we've never lost a single unit.

But why is this important to you?

Deter Crime

Each D3 Unit acts as a huge theft deterrent. As you drive around the country and go through big box retail locations, you're going to see a lot of these in parking lots. Guess what? The criminals see them too, and they instantly know that they are being watched. In fact, the theft deterrence factor of our systems is so large that our retail partners have experienced a decrease of theft shrinkage in their store, a decrease in unwanted behaviors, and more. One saw a 70% decrease of all parking lot incidents.

Why Partner With LVT?

Installing, maintaining, and replacing your own parking lot camera system is expensive. It is a high cost of ownership. With LVT, you lease the systems and we manage them for you. All maintenance and repairs are included with the cost. This ensures that you can have enterprise security at a fraction of the cost.

These systems are built, they're ruggedized, and they're ready for you. Whenever you've got a security need, call LiveView Technologies.

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