LiveView Technologies Custom Capabilities

Set up camera units in minutes

1 Rapid Deployment

LVT is different because of rapid deployment. The camera units can be set up in mere minutes. You don't need to rip things up and run wires, run electricity, or run internet to your surveillance cameras.

Instead, just place the cameras where you want them and set them up in less than 30 minutes. You don't need an IT person to help you, just use our install guides and you can do it yourself.

This changes the surveillance and security game.

Now your cameras can go wherever you need them. And they can be set up immediately.

cameras, sensors, and mounts

2 Customizable

With dozens of camera and sensor options, combined with various mounting options, the entire LVT system is truly customizable. It meets your needs. Whether you need thermal sensors and license plate readers on a mobile trailer mount, or simply live video and recording on a fixed mount, we have you covered.

All of this is available to you in the LVT software platform.

Cameras wherever you need them

3 Go Anywhere

Because LVT cameras don't require internet or electricity, they can be deployed anywhere.

Have an oil drilling site in the middle of nowhere that you need to ensure is safe? You can easily deploy an LVT camera there. What about along a lonely road to track traffic patterns and weather conditions? Great! An LVT camera will work there too. What about at a crime-ridden park or homeless camp? Perfect. What about in the middle of a retail parking lot where you've had some crime or vandalism incidents? The camera will work there too.

These cameras can literally be moved and set up ANYWHERE on Earth in mere minutes.

State-of-the-art cloud

4 Access Anywhere

The LVT Platform is available anywhere on Earth at any time with a simple login. You can view live video, see recordings, manage alerts and notifications, get updates on the health of your cameras, manage the suite of LVT sensors and technology, all from your smartphone.

No longer do you need to sit in a dimly lit room full of monitors to manage your surveillance. Just log in and manage it from your home office, your smartphone or your office at work.

This is a world-class cloud video management system (VMS) and surveillance command center you can access anywhere anytime. See what makes LVT different.

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