LVT Surveillance Software

The LVT Platform is our easy-to-use and completely remote video management system. From it you can see live feeds of your cameras anywhere, anytime, and be alerted of intrusions, notified of blacklisted license plates, and a lot more.

This is a world-class, cloud-based VMS and surveillance command center available at your desk, in your home office, or on your smartphone.

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Control Your Surveillance

Connect all your LVT camera units (or your existing hardware) to the LVT Platform. It is a web-based SaaS platform that allows you to customize your surveillance and security. With a single click on a desktop or a tap on a phone, you can view any camera live, watch recordings, see the thermal signatures, speak through the two-way speaker, set up alerts and surveillance zones, and even move the cameras.

It's all there anywhere and anytime you need it. Simply log in.  


Real-Time Access and Security Data

You can add two, ten, or thousands of LVT devices to the LVT Platform, and you have immediate remote access to any of your camera units anywhere in the world.

The LVT software isn't just a fancy way to monitor and manage your cameras, it's a way to gather your data, security, and surveillance analytics into a central platform.

Deep surveillance analytics

The Latest in Security Technology

The LVT Platform is your cockpit to access the very latest in surveillance technology. From motion detection and license plate reading, to thermal sensing and custom sounds and lighting, you'll be running a cutting edge, fully remote security operation from any device you want.

See multiple live views from every camera in real-time. Control the cameras, move them, and monitor them.

As new features are added—which they are a lot—the LVT Platform will work with them too.

One large retailer's parking lot incidents are down 70%.

Keep your construction sites, parking lots, roadways, and infrastructure safe

Within days parking lot incidents dropped by 40%. That number went to 70% after just a few weeks.

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Simple Third-Party Integration

Easily integrate LVT video streams into any third party website. This is completely custom, meeting your needs and yours alone.

Plug and Play

Within just a few minutes of setting up a remote LVT camera unit, you can log in to the LVT Command Center and see live video.

Searchable Sensor Data

Want to know how many people crossed your parking lot between 2 AM and 4 AM? A few clicks and you'll know.

Public and Private Streams

You can show surveillance streams on public TVs or websites to provide public access to video. Or, you can lock it down and only provide access to certain people.  

User History Tracking

Know who's logging in and viewing any camera in the system in real-time. Track searches and monitor access.

System Health Visibility

See data about how your LVT units are performing. Know system health like battery voltage, current power draw, and more.

Remote Access

You don't have to go to a darkened room at HQ to see your LVT cameras. Instead you can determine who on your team should have access on their phone or in a home office via a simple login.

Custom Security Perimeters

Using the LVT Platform, you'll be able to set up perimeters on your properties. Someone crosses them. You get an alert.

"There will always be a need in certain situations to have a physical security guard, but LiveView Technologies allows the industry to really revolutionize that model."
John Doggette, Director Asset Protection | LOWE'S

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