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LiveView Technologies Relaunches Video Management System Applications for Security Surveillance

Cloud-based functionality allows vendors to monitor and manage their security systems virtually, anywhere in the world.

March 15, 2022

Orem, UT, Mar. 15, 2022 — LiveView Technologies (LVT), a leading provider of cloud-based video surveillance and analytics, announced the launch of its updated video management system (VMS) application and online platform to advance how customers detect and deter crime before it occurs. The new application is designed to meet enterprise security requirements and is available for iOS and Android mobile devices and the full online web version. It aims to streamline the user experience and give customers more control over their LVT fleets.  

As instances of organized retail crime (ORC) continue to proliferate, LVT offers customers unmatched video surveillance solutions to keep communities safe. LVT's unrivaled cloud-native, decentralized security solution is capable of accessing streamlined footage from multiple cameras in various locations anywhere in the world. While alternative solutions require remote access and in-house or third-party software updates, LVT’s technology works within the cloud to update automatically and eliminate unnecessary pain points.

“We are committed to deploying the most advanced and future-proof security system on the market, and the latest upgrades to our VMS mobile application and desktop application support that mission, enriching the customer experience and paving the way for future innovation,” said 

Steve Lindsey, LiveView Technology’s Chief Technology Officer. “The quick deployment abilities and remote capabilities of these units make them a great addition to security plans for retail stores, critical infrastructure, property management/construction, and even transportation monitoring.”

Designed in-house, LVT’s updated mobile and web applications ensure enhanced stability, speed, and functionality when accessing VMS footage. The updates allow LVT to deliver faster customer support and alerts while continuing to provide a one-stop shop for both hardware and technology security solutions. 

In particular, the new Android and Apple applications allow users to experience more features, including: 

  • Remote camera functionality. The new application allows users to control cameras remotely with little to no latency. Users can easily pan, tilt, and zoom each camera on their LVT Live Unit for a more optimized view of their property. With just a few taps, users can navigate between cameras—either on the same unit or jump between different units at the location. 
  • Real-time audio and light capabilities. Users can now remotely play recorded messages and sounds through their unit’s loudspeaker or speak directly through their browser, deterring unwanted visitors with a warning or playing reminders for their on-site employees. Additionally, with the tap of a button, users can turn on unit flood or strobe lights. 
  • Unit tracking. Users can quickly locate their LVT Live Units simply by searching for them by name, number, or location. Additionally, users can access the in-app geo-location map to select different units. 
  • Improved customer experience. Mobile users can stay logged in, allowing them to view their security feeds quickly. Users can also toggle between light and dark mode for an optimal viewing experience.

To learn more, please visit The new LVT app is available now in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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is an enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution for remote live video, safety, surveillance, IoT, and analytics gathering, processing, and delivery. LVT is trusted by some of the largest and most well-known organizations in the world to keep their properties protected and their employees and customers safe. For more information, visit

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