What is Organized Retail Crime (ORC)?

ORC involves professional criminal groups who target retail stores for theft, fraud, and other criminal activities. These groups operate with precision and sophistication, making it difficult for retailers to prevent and combat such crimes.

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Security Analytics

ORC Detection Methods for Retailers

LVT’s intuitive software platform provides detailed analytics and insights into crime trends in order to identify high-risk areas. The platform allows retailers to share information with local police departments via its secure cloud-based solution. This helps law enforcement agencies track criminals more efficiently and collaborate to quickly apprehend suspects.

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Reduction in
High Risk Crimes

Decrease in
grab-and-go thefts

LVT Mobile Surveillance System

ORC Prevention Case Study

Unlike traditional security methods, LVT's solution focuses on deterrence. We equip our mobile units with flashing lights, loudspeakers, and multiple cameras so they are as visible as possible.

In a recent study, LVT Units were proven to deter retail crimes. They contributed to a 54% drop in burglaries, a 40% decrease in shoplifting, a 43% decrease in trespassing, and more.

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Cloud-based Surveillance

The LVT Platform

LVT’s solution enables retailers to streamline their security processes and improve customer service. The technology helps detect shoplifters in real-time, provide detailed analytics, and give insights into crime trends. It helps reduce false alarms and deters criminals from entering the store.

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Real-Time Alert Response

Utilize LiveView Technologies' real-time video alert response services to keep an eye on store activities. This allows for immediate response to any suspicious activities or potential ORC incidents.

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LVT ORC Prevention

LVT assists retailers in combating ORC (Organized Retail Crime) using technology, proven industry practices, and collaboration with law enforcement. Preventing ORC with a mobile security system involves deploying real-time monitoring and alert mechanisms. By leveraging mobile technology, retailers can quickly detect suspicious activities, utilize talk down speakers and alarms, and receive instant notifications, improving their ability to thwart theft attempts and safeguard their assets.

Best practices to combat Organized Retail Crime

  • Store Layout
  • Clear Communication
  • Staff Training
  • Anti-Theft Devices
  • Integrated Security System
  • Law Enforcement Collaboration
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