Retail Crime

Parking Lot Security


Organized retail crime, or ORC, is committed by professional thieves who target specific items and retailers. They move from store to store, creating billions of dollars in losses and wrecking havoc on the retail industry. ORC crimes also creates safety issues for employees and customers.

LiveView Technologies is here to help. Our units are stationed at retail locations across the country and are proven to help reduce shrinkage and incidents.

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LVt Solution

Mobile Security

Unlike traditional security methods, LVT's solution focuses on deterrence. We equip our mobile units with flashing lights, two-way speakers, and multiple cameras so they are as visible as possible. In fact, they are proven to deter retail crimes. One client saw a 62% reduction in high-risk crimes and a 69% decrease in grab-and-go thefts.

Learn more about LVT and what we can do to help prevent crime at your retail location.

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Reduction in
High Risk Crimes

Decrease in
grab-and-go thefts.

ORC Prevention

How do you stop it?

While there is no surefire way to stop ORC, there are steps you can take to prevent it. The best ways to prevent organized retail crime is to add theft deterrents and security to your location.

LVT Units come with multiple deterrents built into its system. Furthermore, each unit automatically connects to the LVT Platform, our proprietary video management system (VMS). Through the LVT Platform, you can receive live alerts and have the opportunity to prevent crimes from happening.

Why it matters

Why should you care?

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF) organized retail crime cost an average of $719,548 per $1 billion in sales during 2020. Furthermore, the rate of ORC increased 2% in the last year, continuing its steady rise.

Not only does this hurt the retail industry, but it also causes increased prices for consumers.


LVT units can be rolled into the back corner of your parking lot (or the front corner, or anywhere) and set up within minutes.


Pull out your phone while watching a movie and check a camera, change an audio message, or even manage your thermal sensors. Complete VMS access from wherever you are.


This is cloud-based access control and video security. You manage who has access to what AND you see data on who's actually logging in.


Maybe you just want live and recorded video? Great. Or, perhaps you need thermal sensors, license plate reading, strobe lights, alerts and notifications and two-way audio? That's great too.


With most surveillance systems you're flying blind. You don't know a camera is about to break, the power is about to go down, or if the software is failing. With LVT you will. See real-time health analytics for your entire system customized to your needs.


We have retail giants that use tens of thousands of LVT units, and we have small retail businesses that use only one.


No more servers, heavy infrastructure, or a CIA-like room with screens everywhere. LVT is cloud-based surveillance for the 2020s not the 1990s.


You can plug your existing hardware into the LVT Platform OR you can use LVT hardware. The solution is completely customizable.

"There will always be a need in certain situations to have a physical security guard, but LiveView Technologies allows the industry to really revolutionize that model."
John Doggette, Director Asset Protection | LOWE'S

Give it a try

We'll let you put remote LVT units in your parking lots for 30 days for free. If it doesn't decrease your incidents, we'll come and pick it up and you'll never hear from us again (well, we might email you or something, but you know what we mean).

Give it a Try

We’ll let you put remote LVT units in your parking lots for 30 days for free. If it doesn’t decrease your incidents, we’ll come pick it up and you’ll never hear from us again (well, we might email you or something, but you know what we mean).