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Did you know LVT cameras don't need internet, power, or wires? Just set them where you need surveillance and log in to the LVT Platform. You'll be able to view live video, retrieve recorded video, set alerts and notifications preferences, and a host of other features.

These LVT units can be deployed in mere minutes and can be accessed and controlled from anywhere.

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The LVT Difference


LiveView’s LIVE Engine brings the only cloud-based solution that can actively manage data consumption. Saving you thousands of dollars in annual metered data charges.


The LiveView D3 Edge Security Platform provides state of the art Detection, Deterrence, and Alerting in an easy to setup and use system.

No Surprises

The LiveView Omni system provides a Live Streaming Video solution that offers site visibility anytime, anywhere. Our Omni system will provide you with a full PTZ camera, cellular, mobile solution.