Navigating modern challenges facing law enforcement with technology

Three issues are at the forefront of law enforcement today: social pressures, "re-imagining" policing, and how to use technology to enhance traditional policing methods.

This short guide will help you understand how utilizing surveillance technology will help law enforcement to optimize their personnel efforts, keep the public safe, and deter crime.

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The largest companies in the world utilize LiveView Technologies to provide rapidly deployable security and surveillance whenever and wherever it is needed.

Security in Minutes

Unlike other solutions, LiveView Technologies is rapid and secure. You can set up our camera units in less than 30 minutes—without power and without internet. Get ahead of potentially dangerous events by deploying surveillance at the first signs of trouble.

Sensors and Analytics

State-of-the-art sensors and tracking solutions allow you to monitor a site, parking lot, property, or event regardless of lighting conditions. You can bolt on—literally—new sensors to your camera units. Monitor crowds and traffic automatically from anywhere with LVT.

No IT Personnel Needed

Don't be intimidated by the technology. You can set up the mobile units in mere minutes and you don't need an IT guy to help. And it can be deployed rapidly. LVT is your backup, your eye in the sky whenever you need it.