LVT products and services are now GSA approved.

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Protect customers & employees

Retail theft prevention starts with parking lot security

Retail loss prevention goes beyond simple detection: you need active deterrence that starts with your parking lot security. Check out how our units secure retail parking lots.

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Commercial security cameras

Retail loss prevention at its finest

LVT’s overt security cameras are ideal commercial security systems because they have the added benefit of deterrence. They keep bad actors out of your store instead of simply recording them once they’re inside.

  • Increase safety
  • Reduce violent crimes
  • Decrease shrink and retail theft
  • Prevent shoplifting
  • Reduce ORC theft incidents

World class retail security in 30 minutes or less

Our commercial security cameras can be deployed in 30 minutes or less because they are completely wireless. They don’t even need traditional, spotty Wi-Fi. Instead, LVT Units rely on cellular connectivity from more than one provider—which means they function even during an outage.

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Cutting-edge security

Good security is a sales enabler

Retail loss prevention and asset protection needs to balance efficiency and effectiveness with your company's goals without being overbearing or restrictive. Excellent retail security services, like that from LVT, help you find this balance. 

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Customized for retail theft prevention

The features on your LVT Unit are made to protect your customers, employees, and inventory. See how we use different tech to deter crime.