Healthcare Facility Security

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LVT products and services are now GSA approved.

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Secure Parking Lots

Protect Hospital Employees and Patients with LiveView Technologies

LiveView Technologies (LVT) has the equipment you need to secure hospital parking lots, cover your blindspots, and keep employees and patients safe and informed. Contact one of our specialists for a free consultation for healthcare security.

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24/7 Surveillance

Secure Remote Locations with Solar Security Cameras

Reassure nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals that even the furthest reaches of your parking lots are monitored 24/7. Whether they’re coming or going for an early morning or a late night shift, our remote security units prioritize your safety.

  • Real-time footage 
  • Bright floodlights
  • Cloud access
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Improve Safety and Security with LVT

Deter theft and violent crime, monitor foot traffic, and protect personnel and patients on your healthcare properties with LVT. Contact one of our specialists today for a detailed walkthrough of our mobile security unit.

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Layers of security

Video Surveillance for a Secure Healthcare Facility

Secure your entire property from the outside in with LVT mobile surveillance units. We use overt security tactics and an array of surveillance equipment to guard and record comings and goings, parked vehicles, dumpsters, and more.

  • Increase safety
  • Reduce violent crimes
  • Decrease vandalism
  • Prevent illegal dumping
  • Protect employee vehicles 
  • Deter loitering
Protect the healthcare workers who protect us

Improve Employee Retention

Essential workers are vital to our communities and deserve the greatest protection as they go about their jobs. Employee retention will improve at your healthcare facility when employees feel safe, protected, and respected at their workplace. Maintain your workforce by showing them you care with airtight video surveillance, whether they’re clocking in or out.