Government Security

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Quick, simple security

Multi-use video monitoring system for state and local governments

Prevent homeless encampments, increase election security, and more with LiveView Technologies. Our mobile surveillance trailers from LVT can provide quick, simple security for almost any situation.

Ensure Election Security
Protect your community

Election integrity

Monitor ballot boxes and election sites with LVT mobile surveillance trailers. Our cameras give you 24/7 live views at a fraction of the cost of full-time guards.

  • Watch ballot drop-off sites
  • Monitor parking lots of voting locations
  • Increase security for voters

Prevent homeless encampments

Property damage, drug use, and increased crime are often side effects of homeless encampments. Humanely prevent homeless camps from gathering by playing music through the loudspeaker or turning on the flood light included on most LVT Units.

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Live and mobile

LVT 24/7 security camera

No matter what surveillance needs your city is looking to solve, LVT Units provide livestream and can make your communities safer. Give us a call to learn more.

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