Critical Infrastructure Security

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LVT products and services are now GSA approved.

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Remote, Rapidly Deployed

Cutting-edge critical infrastructure security

No power or internet hookups at your remote solar farm, hydroelectric dam, drilling site, or powerplant? No problem. LiveView Technologies’ security camera trailers are made for these situations. 

Set a perimeter

It’s hard to secure large, remote equipment and property. Call LVT when it is impossible to run miles of fence but you still want to create a perimeter around your assets.

  • Protect equipment and supplies
  • Deter thieves and vandals
  • Improve operations control
  • Manage site remotely
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Watch your property

Infrastructure security supports operations management

Our infrastructure security equipment helps you manage your site by keeping track of who is on the property, monitoring current conditions, and more. With LVT CCTV trailers you will have live views of your property 24/7.

Deter unwanted visitors

Since most infrastructure is remote, law enforcement can be hours away. However, with the expensive equipment and assets at these locations it’s important to deter criminals before they can steal or damage infrastructure. LVT mobile security trailers are armed with multiple deterrents.

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We secure critical infrastructure

LVT can help secure critical infrastructure no matter how big or remote the site is. To learn more about our security solutions, contact us today!

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Secure remote infrastructure

LVT security trailers are ready to protect solar farms, hydroelectric power, electric plants, drilling sites, and more with advanced security features.