Automotive Dealership Security

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LVT products and services are now GSA approved.

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Automotive Dealership Security and LVT

Automotive dealership security is crucial in protecting valuable inventory from theft and vandalism. Cars are high-value items so dealerships are often targeted by thieves looking to make a quick profit. Traditional security measures like security guards and surveillance cameras may not always be enough to effectively secure a car lot. This is where advanced portable surveillance systems like LVT come into play.

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Auto Dealership Security

Increase Safety and Security, Eliminate Crime

Vehicle theft from car dealerships is especially problematic for business owners and employees, and it’s increasing year after year. In the past three years, vehicle theft from dealerships has increased by 7%. 

LVT helps the automotive industry combat these losses and increase safety and security for their employees and customers. After partnering with customers across the country, here’s what we saw:

  • 70% decrease in parking lot incidents
  • 50% reduction of unwelcome behaviors
  • 43% decrease in trespassing
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Secure Your Lot

The Cost of Car Lot Crimes

More than just being a headache for owners of car dealerships, the cost of theft and vandalism at car dealerships is exponential. When car dealers lose sales revenue and acquire repair expenses because of theft and vandalism, they experience an escalating financial burden, lose commissions on sales, and face additional challenges, all making it harder to do their job and make a profit. 

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Monitor Remote Locations

Our Cameras Make Asset Protection Easier

Monitor multiple lots at once—all from your mobile device or laptop. Secure your car dealership and overflow lots at all hours of the day and night without having to travel across your entire property. Using our customizable, mobile security systems, schedule alerts when there’s criminal activity on your property using the following features:

  • Strobe and floodlights
  • Talk-down speaker
  • Low-light visibility
  • Intrusion detection
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The Bottom Line

Increase Revenue, Decrease Losses

We know that theft, vandalism, and property damage can significantly affect your businesses’ bottom line. Get ahead of unexpected costs and boost your revenue by utilizing LVT’s first-class security equipment and unmatched surveillance software. Check out our resources to see how LVT is elevating businesses like yours.