Federal Government

LVT products and services are now GSA approved.

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Another set of eyes

Increase situational awareness

Mobile surveillance units from LVT create a show of force and increase situational awareness in any environment—from remote federal lands to busy government buildings. Give officers and agents the force multiplier that will help them know when and where they need to be.

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Enhance Boots on the Ground

Secure the borders

LVT has partnered with several agencies to secure the US border 24/7. We use a combination of thermal imaging, live alerts, and bounding boxes to detect and stop intrusions in all conditions, including at night and in bad weather.

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24/7 monitoring

See what you need to see
when you need to see it

LVT cameras give you easy access to 24/7 livestreams and to archived footage. Also, each unit can be configured to alert the users when an intrusion, trespasser, or other event requires attention.

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