LVT Case Study

West Yellowstone

West Yellowstone, MT
West Yellowstone, Montana was incorporated in 1966. It serves as the west, most popular gateway to Yellowstone National Park, putting visitors in the middle of the geyser area of the park. Passing through West Yellowstone is the quickest way to reach Old Faithful and some of the other best-known attractions. While the town has a population of around 1,000, it sees more than 4 million visitors per year as people visit the national park.
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“The LVT Unit has been a real asset. The embedded livestream on our website allows people to see what we have to offer without leaving their homes.”

Kristy Coffin
Administrator at West Yellowstone


Live feed

access via desktop and mobile portals

Flawless streaming

even in harsh weather

Remote control

of cameras via LVT Platform

#1 hit on

tourism website

Another set of eyes


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