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LVT Success Stories

"Each unit is a set of eyes where you can't have your own. The cameras also create situational awareness which is the most important part of this job."

Dennis Young

Public Safety Director, Puyallup Nation Public Safety Division
“We have seen 100% success in the areas where the cameras are located.”

Keith L. Walker

Director of the Department of Public Works, City of Camden, New Jersey
“Being able to use force multiplication is critical. So is the ability to deploy things in a timely manner and maintain stability 24/7. I would strongly recommend LVT for that peace of mind. From a security perspective, that’s what keeps us up. We want to make sure we don’t have that ‘oh crap’ moment. And LVT answers that for me.”

Phil Brophy

Head of Security Services USA and Canada at Enel North America
“LVT is our eye in the sky that provides surveillance 24/7 without any breaks.”
Phil Brophy portrait

Peter Quittner

Sergeant, Emergency Manager for Utah County
"Having something that can monitor the parking lot and keep our employees and customers safe is a win-win.”

Asset Protection Manager

National Retailer
“You could not put a system in a tougher environment than we have, and it has been 100% reliable.”

Rob Richards

President and General Manager, Intermountain Regional Landfill
“During past festivals we’ve had an average of a dozen break-ins to cars. Since we’ve deployed LiveView Technologies, we have had zero. Zero break-ins."

Chris Watson

Head of Security, Thanksgiving Point
“We have millions of dollars worth of equipment in a very remote location. It is a high target for general malfeasance, but because of LiveView Technologies, we have had zero vandalism.”

David Boyden

Managing Partner, Wohali Partners
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