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July 21, 2021
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Michael Hanks
Customer Marketing Manager
LiveView Technologies

I just finished listening to an emotional podcast involving an old friend of mine. He is an ER doctor in Ohio with an inspiring story. Describing what he does everyday was just as motivational as it was thought provoking. Oh, and not to mention that his adversities added onto the already arduous life that is med school, residency, and now full on ER doctorhood (not sure that’s the correct term, but I digress), makes his story hit just that much harder.

First, he saves lives every day. Sadly, he also loses many patients due to the nature of ER life. His life, as well as many others in this world, is dedicated to service surrounded by heartbreak and joy, ups and downs, craziness and little downtime.

Second, even with all the hardships and trials he has had to face, he has come out with a grateful attitude and an outlook on his work that makes him more compassionate and determined to be there for others as best as he can in their time of need.

So why am I telling you this? Especially for a company blog geared towards security, surveillance, and loss prevention? Here’s why. I sometimes struggle with “my purpose” when it comes to my career. Myself, and many others, don’t work in industries that contribute directly to the health and wellness of individuals. I don’t literally save lives or teach individuals the value of life, etc., for my occupation. Because of that, it has been easy for me to correlate my value with the output of my quarterly KPI’s. This is the wrong mindset.

To overcome that mindset, I’ve worked hard to live by a mantra of mine: “Be Kind. Live Life. Work Hard. Have Fun.” No matter what I do for my day-to-day job, I need to work for a company that aligns with my values and goals as an individual so that I can live my best life outside of work and continually serve my greater purpose of making a positive difference, just like my friend does, but in my own way. LiveView Technologies has actually been a great fit for this very purpose for a few reasons.

We are actually in the business of helping protect individuals.

LVT is dedicated to detect, deter, defend against crime. We want to keep horrible things from happening to people and their companies. Our units deploy in parking lots, job sites, roadways, concerts, sporting events, and more to help make people and assets safer. So in a way, I am contributing to protecting people’s lives. I love hearing stories from our customers on how much one of our units helped stop crime or helped make employees and individuals feel safer when they see a unit in their parking lot.

The company values what matters most.

An even bigger reason for me is that LVT actually promotes what's important to me on an internal level. The first day on the job, one the owners chatted with me and said, “Take care of your number one thing in life first, then come to work.” What he meant by this is that he knows the majority of employees value family, friends, passions, hobbies, etc., more than their career. He understands that when these things are in good order, an employee is able to come to work in a better state of mind and perform at a higher level.

LVT instills full trust in its employees and rewards us in ways that demonstrate a true understanding of what a good work/life balance is meant to be. I could list the company values and all the perks, but it suffice it to say that they do care about their employees and encourage them to fulfill their purpose in life. It makes it a great fit for me and many other awesome people.

I know I won’t literally save lives in my career, and I am okay with that. My friend’s example helped me understand that we will have crazy experiences that will shape us for good or for bad. We can learn from those experiences and find how to become a better person because of them. His life purpose is heavily related to his job. Mine, not as much. Your job may lean one way or the other as well, but if we are in the right place, we will be able to accomplish what we want in life and fulfill whatever our purpose may be. I am glad I found a company that promotes and strives for that. I am even more grateful to have friends, family, and colleagues that help me be a better person each day.

*If you are interested in listening to the podcast I’ve referred to, it’s “Boundless Body Radio: Overcoming Adversity with Empathy with ER Doctor Cameron Meyer!” Ep. 064.

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