Where to Install Security Cameras in a Construction Site

Since a construction site is always changing, security can be tricky. However, there are places that should never be without surveillance.

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November 3, 2021
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Kailey Boucher
Marketing Writer

Having a reliable monitoring solution is a necessity for construction sites. The prices of lumber and construction machinery are high enough as it is—the unexpected costs of theft and vandalism can be crippling. 

Construction site security cameras can be a game-changer, but those cameras will only be useful if you mount them in optimal locations. Because every construction site is different, there is no one-size-fits-all blueprint for where to mount security cameras. Deciding where to mount your cameras can be overwhelming, so we’ve narrowed it down to three areas you should consider when setting up your security system. 

Warehouses and storage facilities

It goes without saying that the place you store your equipment and materials is a hotspot for thieves. Installing cameras around warehouses or storage facilities located on or near your construction site can help discourage theft and vandalism. Make sure to mount them in a place where they are visible—people are much less likely to break the law when they know someone is watching them.  

Furthermore, consider getting a security system that allows two-way communication. That way, if you do see criminal activity, you can speak directly to the criminals in question and warn them that law enforcement has been alerted. 

Low light and secluded areas

A single blind spot is all a criminal needs to be able to wreak havoc on your construction site. Many construction sites span large plots of land, making it almost impossible to have eyes on every part of the site. Security cameras allow you to view multiple sections of your site at once. Additionally, if you choose to mount cameras high up, they can give you views that would otherwise be impossible for an on-site security team to access. 

For areas of your site that are not well lit, thermal security cameras are a great option. No matter how poorly lit a location may be, thermal cameras will give you a clear view of what is happening there—almost like a security superpower

Unloading stations

Because expensive cargo is dropped off at the same location on a consistent, predictable schedule, unloading stations are an obvious target for criminals. The FBI estimates that up to $30 billion worth of cargo is stolen in the USA every year, and less than 20% of that stolen cargo is ever recovered. By installing security cameras in unloading areas, you greatly reduce the risk of incidents. If incidents do arise, you’ll know right away and be able to act immediately. The best part is, you’ll have video footage of the entire thing, which will make it much more likely to recover any losses. If unloading stations aren’t at the top of your security priority list, you need to change that ASAP.

Coming up with a fool-proof security plan for your construction site can take some time, but the time you spend securing your site now can save you from costly incidents in the future. If you need help getting started, our expert team is here to help! Contact us today and let us come up with a custom plan so that you can focus on all of the other responsibilities that come with running a construction site. 

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