Time lapse: LVT Can Do It

One of the functionalities of LVT Units is as a construction time lapse camera. Learn why construction companies use this tool.

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January 24, 2024
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

I think everyone enjoys watching things be made. If this weren’t true, television as we know it would be different. Well as least my television would be because if people didn’t enjoy watching someone make something, all of my favorite shows wouldn’t exist—aka almost any show on the Food Network. Without an audience hungry for demonstrations and DIY tips, Julia Child would have never made cooking shows famous and every popular chef from her to Bobby Flay would be in their kitchens, cooking only for those who come to their restaurants. People just like to watch how things are made.

This goes beyond just food and into construction as well. It’s cool to watch something come from almost nothing, to see a building come from some lumber, a patch of dirt, and cement. But the scale of construction makes it hard to show. First, construction projects take time. A lot of time. That means changes can be hard to see on a daily basis. Second, construction projects are, by their very nature, massive. That makes it hard to film and hard to show progress.

That’s why construction companies use time lapse to showcase their projects. Unlike delicious dishes which can be easily made and shown on TV and social media in (almost) real-time, construction jobs can’t. They are just too big and too slow. But with time lapse video, a construction company can display their product in a few minutes.

Here are some ways why construction companies use time lapse:

Marketing tool

Time lapse is the top marketing tool for construction. Since their projects are slow moving to the natural eye, the ability to show the entire process in a few minutes allows construction companies to showcase their processes and product. Furthermore, a time lapse video is easy to share on a website, through emails, and other digital platforms.

Tell a complete story

Since construction projects take months to years to complete, a time lapse helps construction companies tell a whole story. They give viewers an opportunity to see the project from start to finish in a short amount of time.

Internal and external engagement

Employees both on and off site want to see how things are progressing. Time lapse and video monitoring allow them to see how things are developing and what stage the project is at.

Everyday people also like to see what is going on with your project. Other outsiders like investors also want to see what is going on at the site. They want to see where their money is going, how their project is progressing, and even a final overview.

Show progress

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why a time lapse video is a must have for construction projects. Through a short video, contractors, sub-contractors, investors, owners, and more can see the progress of their project.

Added plus of monitoring

Obviously, to record the time lapse, you are going to need cameras on your property. Since the cameras are already there, use them for added security on the property. Construction site theft is a growing problem across the country and thieves target equipment, tools, and supplies. Video monitoring is proven to help prevent theft and vandalism on construction sites which can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Construction site security with LVT

Mobile security units from LiveView Technologies can do it all—surveillance and time lapse. They use high-quality cameras so you can have a clear image of your property at anytime of the day or night and can have an excellent time lapse video. Watch an example below:

Furthermore, LVT Units are equipped with added deterrents to prevent crimes on the site, and they are completely wireless, using solar power and cellular connectivity for reliable 24/7 security. This also means they are easy to access no matter where you are—whether that is actually on the site, a different job across town, your office, or even your home. Simply log in on any web-enabled device and you can tap into live views of the project.

Lastly, LVT Units are easy to move from one job to the next. They can be towed behind any appropriate vehicle with a standard trailer hitch. Once you arrive at your next job site, it takes minutes to redeploy the unit and have live video no matter how remote the location. Read how we have helped the Wohali partners secure their remote development. 

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