Learn how implementing parking lot security can improve the experience of your customers and protect your assets.

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April 1, 2024
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James Wang
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When it comes to being vigilant about retail security, it’s no secret that businesses often give their attention to protecting inventory, customers, and employees within the store. On the other hand, consumers are primarily concerned with securing their purses or wallets and financial information. However, potential security threats lurk prior to shoppers even entering a business and they continue immediately after they leave the premises.

Traditionally, parking lots are hotbeds when it comes to crime. In fact, U.S. Department of Justice numbers show that parking lots are the third most frequent areas for criminals to strike. Statistics reveal a wide variety of nefarious activities can take place from vandalism to theft to robberies to more serious acts like assault or even death. It can feel a bit like the Wild West where bandits lie in waiting and anything can happen. Add in a scenario where pedestrians and motor vehicles co-exist and are bound by loose rules that go largely unregulated and it only adds to the perilousness. 

But parking lot security doesn’t have to feel like the backdrop to an old Western movie.  With the integration of parking lot security cameras utilizing solar power and remote access, it can usher in a feeling that there’s a new Sheriff in town. The difference here is that this Sheriff is armed with cutting edge advances in surveillance technology paired with traditional security measures like parking lot security guards and patrols.   

Security experts say that by safeguarding and protecting parking lots, by extension, you are also protecting the stores and areas immediately surrounding the parking lot as well.  Experts cite that security should not be seen as protecting individual pieces of a puzzle separately but rather the individual pieces should complement each other and protect the entirety of the puzzle. So, businesses should not only look to strengthen their own security systems, but they should also look to integrate and complement the security systems of other businesses, shared parking lots, and beyond. After all, when it comes to safeguarding your assets, employees, and customers, it all begins with the approach—in this case the parking lot—which can have a direct impact on your business.



To effectively deter crime from happening, businesses need to employ measures that decrease the likelihood that criminals will be successful. Mobile surveillance systems can be a bold and visible statement that an area is actively monitored and security is taken seriously. In fact, a study conducted by the Urban Institute found that security cameras are one of the most effective tools in deterring crime and can help reduce crime by up to 51% when placed in parking lots.  

Surveillance cameras have come a long way from being just a device that records and plays back video. Nowadays, surveillance systems come equipped with strobe lights and speakers that can be automatically activated if suspicious activity is detected.  When an unauthorized person enters a specific area, it triggers an audible warning along with bright lights to alert the trespasser that they are in a restricted area and advises them to leave.  This lets potential criminals know that they have been detected and this alone can thwart any further advances on the property.

Having continuous surveillance on site that can be accessed remotely and in real-time can provide continuous sets of eyes that can react and initiate quicker responses. The ability to either alert security guards on premises to act or mobilize authorities/emergency personnel to the scene for additional support can be the difference between life and death.


Experts cite that the best way to fight crime is to prevent it from happening in the first place.  However, if a crime is committed, surveillance cameras ensure that there is evidence and details that can be shared with law enforcement. This can be extremely useful in aiding investigations or helping to identify and apprehend criminals. Surveillance video can also corroborate or clarify eyewitness accounts and provide a definitive timeline of events when memories may be inexact. When it comes to solving crimes and capturing criminals, law enforcement stress that the first 24 hours are the most critical. Video recordings can provide actionable leads like whether a criminal acted alone, what they looked like, what they were wearing, how they pulled off the crime, what was stolen, and what type of vehicle they may have driven away with. Lastly, video evidence can be an important and powerful tool in prosecuting criminals once captured.


One of the biggest assets that comes from mobile security units is the ability to adapt and respond quickly to changing environments. As we know, crime is never stagnant and always evolving. Criminals can change tactics and target different areas or shift opportunistic crimes to other activities. They also look for vulnerabilities in the system and target areas that are less monitored, where cameras can be out of position or susceptible to blind spots. 

The advantage of mobile security units is that they are self-contained and completely wireless, which means they are free moving and less susceptible to tampering. The units are also solar powered and utilize cellular connectivity to ensure that they are dependable and operational in times of natural disasters or power outages where criminal activity can spike. The reliability and flexibility to move the units wherever and whenever you want gives you adaptability to address any concerns. The versatility and flexibility of the units is critical because criminals are always adapting themselves, and mobile units can be modified or scaled to meet your changing security demands. 


The customer experience begins on approach and an immediate sense of safety is critical as soon as customers enter a parking lot. Consumers expect a certain bond of trust will take place in a parking lot. There is an expectation that they will be in a physically safe environment and that they feel confident that their vehicle and belongings won’t be broken into, vandalized, or stolen. The more susceptible they feel they are to being victimized, the less likely it is they will entrust you with their business.  

However, the more that consumers feel secure, the more confidence that they feel interacting with a business that has their best interests in mind. This enhances your reputation as a business that takes their well-being seriously. This extends to employees as well and can create a positive work environment where they feel supported and cared for.  By having surveillance cameras in place, businesses send a visible signal to visitors and criminals alike that security is a priority, and that they are being monitored and protected.


As surveillance cameras become more sophisticated, they can be used in part to identify trends whether it be traffic patterns, analyzing foot traffic, or repeated crimes. Surveillance systems can now identify license plates and images and reference them into databases to see if someone is a repeat offender or has been linked to other crimes. By capturing crimes in action, security experts can begin to spot common practices that can identify patterns indicating a crime is potentially about to unfold. These can be helpful for businesses to take preventative measures to protect employees and customers while alerting staff and authorities to be on guard and ready to mobilize, leading to quicker responses.

It’s clear that when it comes to the overall security of your business, the parking lot is a major piece of the overall ecosystem. Mobile surveillance units have proven to be extremely effective allies in reducing crime in parking lots and in complementing existing systems within individual businesses. It also has the potential to gather information and in turn make it shareable with other businesses and law enforcement which creates not only a multi-layered approach to security but one that is multi-tiered by partnering with others. By proactively securing parking lots, we can begin to tame that wild west mentality into one that focuses on modern age protection and deterrence.

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