Protecting Both Big and Small Equipment on Job Sites

Thieves target construction sites for more than power tools.

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February 1, 2024
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

I recently read an article about thieves stealing more than $750,000 worth of equipment from construction sites. The thieves fraudulently sold the stolen equipment for well under market value at about $150,000. The interesting thing was—these thieves didn’t steal small power tools or other things that are easy to grab. Rather these blazon thieves took multiple skid-steer front loaders and the trailers used to transport them.

A skid-steer front loader is manufactured by brands like Bobcat, CAT, and others. Typically, they have a front bucket (with other attachments available) that lifts with two hydraulic arms. The frame is normally a rigid cage that seats one person. A skid-steer has an average weight of 7,500 pounds but can weigh up to 10,500 pounds depending on what attachment is being used. They are not easy to steal. In fact, to put this in perspective Asian elephants weigh between 6,000 to 12,000 pounds. Essentially, these thieves stole something that weighs the same as an adult elephant. (Imagine going to your local zoo and attempting that!)

Thieves normally target the easy to grab items, not the ones that are equivalent in weight to one of the heaviest land mammals. Power saws, drills, nail guns, generators, and more are just some of the tools that are left by subcontractors at construction sites that are common targets for theft. Other common targets are materials like lumber, metals, and others. Heavy equipment takes more effort and planning to steal, which is why it is targeted less often.

At the end of the day theft is still theft. Whether it is a small saw or a skid-steer, each theft delays projects and costs the contractors, the subcontractors, the property owner, and the investors. Each item stolen has to be replaced and that not only costs money, but time (which has its own costs associated with it).

That’s why LiveView Technologies works with construction companies across the country. LVT Units are ideal for construction sites for three reasons: they offer live monitoring for less cost, they are overt with active deterrents, and they are rapidly deployed.

  1. With 24/7 monitoring, LVT Units help prevent theft at a much lower cost than human guards. Our cameras are high-quality and allow contractors and investors to see their sites at any time. The live feeds can be accessed from a phone, desktop, or tablet and alerts can be sent to contractors, property owners, or even to remote monitoring services. The units also collect constant footage of the property that is archived in an easy-to-view, cloud-based VMS. 
  2. Our units are equipped with active deterrents. In many cases, the presence of the unit acts as a deterrent. However, if this is not enough, the units are also equipped with flashing strobe lights, floodlights, and two-way speakers that can help deter thefts before they happen.
  3. Lastly, our units can be set up in minutes. This allows for a quick response to threats with the ability to adjust. Traditional security takes days or weeks to install which leaves job sites vulnerable. Furthermore, it cannot evolve with the project. LVT Units do not rely on traditional power or communication links. Rather, they are powered with solar panels and can be set up day one of the job. They can also be moved and adjusted so the project can have adequate surveillance until completion.

Read how one developer saw zero thefts when they placed an LVT Unit at their jobsite. 

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