Nine Reasons to Install an Apartment Complex Security System

Security cameras have multiple advantages at apartment complexes. They increase security for tenants and help protect your property.

August 31, 2021
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Do you own or manage an apartment complex? Then you know how difficult it is to monitor every hallway and keep every unit protected. The safety of your tenants is your top priority, along with building a reputation for being a safe, clean, enjoyable place to live. 

A security camera system for your apartment complex can accomplish those goals and many others. Cameras can help protect each tenant inside an electronic cordon of security. It can also be instrumental in improving your apartment complex business. Here are nine advantages that come from improved apartment security.

1. Keep Recordings of Incidents

Security cameras in apartment buildings are always watching and recording. You can keep recordings on-site in a digital recorder or store them in the cloud to prevent on-site tampering. If an incident occurs, you and/or the police can review recordings, instead of solely relying on witnesses.

2. Deter Thieves

The best kinds of security cameras for apartments are part of a system that can actively detect suspicious activity, sending notifications to apartment managers. Thieves may also avoid your buildings because cameras are prominently seen. 

3. Make Tenants Feel More Secure

With a security camera system, your current residents will feel safer. They’ll know you care about their security and that cameras typically scare off most thieves and vandals.

4. Increase Business Value

If potential and current residents feel safer because of your apartment security system, some tenants may choose to stay longer, improving the reliability of your business income, while others might sign a lease because of your system. Improved rental income will make your apartment complex more attractive to investors in the future.

5. Reduce Repair Costs

Vandalism and burglary can result in broken doors and windows, along with other damage. A security system can prevent damages before they happen, reducing your labor and materials expenses. Cameras can also catch destructive behavior among tenants, pinning responsibility where it belongs.

6. Increase Curb Appeal

Imagine potential tenants driving past several apartment complexes, trying to decide which to live in. If your security cameras and logos are easy to see, your system is likely to attract more inquiries than a neighboring complex without them. 

7. Earn Higher Rent

Many potential residents, especially families with children, are willing to pay rent within a price range. Get in the higher part of that range by showing them they’ll be safer with your apartment complex security camera system.

8. Protect Yourself From Lawsuits

By installing the best apartment security cameras, you can preemptively fight off lawsuits. You can show that you have taken reasonable, effective steps to improve tenant safety. 

9. Create a Community-Oriented Environment

After updating your security system, you could invite tenants to a series of meetings to educate them on how the system works, tips for home security, and community-oriented behavior. Violence, theft, and vandalism among tenants themselves may drop as tenants begin to feel more responsible for each other. 

If you’re interested in one or more of these advantages, look over the security camera hardware available from LiveView Technologies. Our systems are customizable to your needs, and units can be set up in about 30 minutes. Contact us for any help you need with your apartment complex security.

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