Meet Our Chief Information and Technology Officer

Steve Lindsey joined LVT in 2011 and was the main designer of the LVT Platform.

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July 9, 2021
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

Steve Lindsey knows tech. From software development, to electronics design, to RF engineering, to digital signal processing, to network engineering, Steve has done it all. Lindsey came to LiveView Technologies through his connection with current Chief Sales and Marketing Officer David Studdert. Together they helped start and run an artificial speech company called i3 Technologies. When Studdert later joined LVT, the company was looking for a tech guy and he suggested Lindsey.

Lindsey officially joined the company in 2011 as the Chief Information and Technology Officer. Prior to that he had started his own company, AudioShare, worked for i3 Technologies as the CTO, and worked for Novell on its NetWare, GroupWise, and eDirectory technologies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronic and Information Technology from Brigham Young University.

All of Lindsey’s deep technical background came together at LVT. Unbeknownst to him (and probably everyone else in those early days of LVT), he just so happened to uniquely possess that “perfect storm” of relevant skills to bring what was a rudimentary video monitoring solution to a software-driven, completely off-the-grid, data gathering and alerting platform. “I was amazed that all of the knowledge and skills I had acquired across such a wide variety of disciplines just happened to be exactly what was needed to solve the technological challenges we were faced with in the early days of LVT. That is what made LVT so fun for me. I had a unique opportunity to bring it all together, apply it to LVT, eat many delicious smoked meats, and have it become such a great success.” 

It wasn’t easy however. “There were years of wearing many hats: writing software or designing electronic circuits in the passenger seat while traveling for hours across state lines to sales meetings, on the road continuously for weeks at a time in remote corners of the West, to service, troubleshoot, and figure out improvements to equipment,” Lindsey reminisced. “This went on year after year as the company got bigger and the technology matured. If I didn’t have a whole lot of Diet Coke and such great partners in the company to keep me smiling, I would have probably gone insane!”

Under Lindsey’s leadership, LVT’s technology has exploded. The LVT Platform and Command Center are on the cutting-edge of security technology. Together they create a world-class cloud VMS and surveillance command center. In fact, it powers every LVT Unit and allows clients to manage their cameras and alerts from their smartphone or desktop. “How cool is it to build software and electronics that successfully balances LVT’s amazing hardware? I think that is why LVT has taken off—because it is a full turnkey solution,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey loves to be a mentor and has fostered a work culture that freely shares information without the typical ego-centric, self-serving nonsense often found in other work cultures. “I come to work every day with the opportunity to learn from different people. They teach me things I couldn’t learn on my own,” Lindsey said. “I may have helped build the LVT Platform at the start, but it’s actually the result of many, many people’s hard work and ingenuity. LVT has been extremely blessed to have such dedicated and brilliant engineers and technologists to bring ideas to life.”

Outside of work, Lindsey loves music, sports, and his family. He has an ear to break music down, identify the different instruments/voices, and write his own music for the four instruments he plays. He’s an avid mountain biker and spends any moment he can spare chasing “flowy” cross-country trails. Lindsey and his “smokin’ hot wife” are self-identified foodies with the goal to find off-the-beaten-path restaurants in Utah and wherever they travel. Lindsey has seven children—five daughters and two sons—and lives in Utah County. 

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