LVT Units Save Construction Sites Time and Money

When an item is stolen from a construction site, it not only costs money to replace it but time while waiting for the new tool or equipment. LVT helps prevent this with active deterrence and surveillance on a jobsite.

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January 24, 2024
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

The value of something is determined by what one is willing to pay or give in return. Often it is thought of in terms of dollars—how much it costs. However, value can also be thought of in terms of time. For example, I have an aunt who is a master seamstress. She always makes me a beautiful gift for my birthday that she spent hours designing, sewing, and finishing. Every stitch on the shirt, blanket, bag, or case is perfect and the fabrics are always chosen with agonizing care. I value these gifts above a store-bought item because I know how much time and effort she put into it.

Time is worth a different amount to everyone. Some put an actual dollar amount on their time, whereas others don’t. In the construction industry, time is extremely valuable. Just think about it. The average home takes seven months to build, and a commercial building can easily take several years. Assuming that it takes an average of 22 subcontractors to build a home, that equals a total of 880 man hours per week or about 26,400 man hours for seven months. That’s just to build a home. Furthermore, that does not include any employees the subcontractors may hire for the job. While it’s rare for all 22 subcontractors and all of their workers to be on the site at the same time, and they certainly don’t work the entire seven months on a single project, this gives you an idea of how much time is required for a single construction project. Furthermore, the sooner a job can be done, the sooner a contractor, subcontractor, or tradesman can move on to their next job. More jobs equal more money.

Any interruption to the build costs both time and money. Some delays will just happen. Things like permits, deliveries, and even the weather can prevent construction from moving forward. While these are extremely frustrating and even somewhat avoidable, the most irritating delays are those caused by theft when necessary equipment, tools, or materials are stolen from a site. Theft is a totally unnecessary delay. It happens because bad actors break into the jobsite, and while it’s not completely preventable, much of it can be deterred with proper construction site security. This includes locks, fences, and other physical deterrents.

Thieves target jobsites because they are unattended at night, have valuable equipment and supplies, and are often in more remote areas. For example, a thief can break in and take the new Bobcat skid steer that typically costs between $25,000 and $65,000, a generator worth several thousands, and some lumber that was at an all-time high of $1,515 per thousand board feet. If they plan accordingly, a thief can easily walk away with thousands upon thousands of dollars of materials in a single night with a minimal risk of being caught.

However, just because a construction site is a prime target for theft doesn’t mean you have to make it an easy one. LiveView Technologies can provide any jobsite with mobile construction site cameras. LVT Units rely on overt security to deter criminals. Our mobile units are ideal for construction sites because they can be stationed anywhere on the property. They don’t rely on traditional powerlines or internet connections so they can be easily moved as the project progresses or kept in a single spot. Furthermore, they are equipped with optical, thermal, infrared, and/or panoramic cameras so you can always have clear views of the site.

LVT Units will save time and money because they deter thieves for a fraction of the cost of traditional security systems or guards. Furthermore, instead of responding retroactively and having to replace stolen tools and materials, be proactive and set up a LVT Unit on your job site before any theft happens. Learn more by reading this industry specific use case doc.

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