LVT Teams Up with Skinwalker Ranch

LVT is excited to announce our partnership to monitor the famous ranch.

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April 8, 2022
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LiveView Technologies

 LiveView Technologies (LVT), a leading provider of cloud-based video surveillance and analytics, is partnering with Skinwalker Ranch near Ballard, Utah, to help in the continuing investigation of the paranormal activity on the property. The ranch was featured in two seasons of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, which airs on the History Channel and has drawn a global audience. 

“Skinwalker Ranch is one of the world’s hot spots for otherworldly activity, and the scientists and researchers that monitor the property are constantly looking to employ the latest technology to uncover how and why things happen there. We’re proud to contribute to uncovering the truth,” said Derek Boggs, Director of Marketing at LiveView Technologies. “Our goal is to not only provide quality video surveillance technology and a security perimeter but also capture the evidence that will help the team on the ranch monitor and investigate the possibly ‘otherworldly’ perpetrators behind it all.”

LiveView Technologies provides end-to-end video surveillance security solutions for businesses and institutions that need real-time security data. This platform gives users immediate and actionable insights and is being used by some of the most recognizable brands in the world. 

This new partnership is an opportunity for LVT to be a part of the living laboratory and ongoing investigation at Skinwalker Ranch, which provides a dynamic backdrop and testing ground for LVT’s hardware. Four LiveView Technologies surveillance units will be set up in different locations across the 512-acre property, giving those on the ranch extra tools to monitor the property around the clock.   

Erik Bard, the Principal Investigator and Chief Scientist on Skinwalker Ranch monitors the entire property and heads all investigations. He brings a wealth of knowledge and curiosity to research the strange phenomena reported on Skinwalker ranch.

"Our stewardship at Skinwalker Ranch demands constant vigilance over a territory of five hundred twelve acres in service to safety, security and science in an extremely speculative context,” said Bard. “The work calls for more cameras and sensors, yes; but we need them to be as intelligent and robust as possible in order to do our jobs on the ranch and to keep the site and its occupants secure and to preserve the integrity of the ongoing scientific investigation.  These are among the reasons that I have reached out to LiveView Technologies with confidence and that I am thrilled to engage with LVT as a strategic partner in the surveillance program at Skinwalker Ranch going forward."

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