LVT Increases Commitment to the Loss Prevention Foundation

We increased our membership to the Doctorate level to ensure further education of loss prevention professionals.

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January 11, 2022
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

LiveView Technologies expanded its partnership with the Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF), moving from the Bachelor level partner to the Doctorate level partner to cement our commitment to the loss prevention industry. This level of partnership secures multiple course scholarships that LVT can distribute to others in the loss prevention industry.

LVT first partnered with LPF last year. “This partnership provides a great avenue to better understand the loss prevention and asset protection space,” said David Studdert, our Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “It also provides an avenue to give back to the loss prevention and asset protection community.”

The LPF was founded in 2006 exclusively to serve and educate those in the loss prevention industry. It leads the world on education and certification for retail loss prevention and asset protection professionals.  Furthermore, they offer the only internationally sanctioned loss prevention credentials and aim further education in the industry.

“We work with some of the biggest names in retail and law enforcement and give them the tools to help with loss prevention," said Studdert. "However, even the best and most advanced tools will only get you so far. Education is key in loss prevention. That's why we're excited to further our partnership with LPF to increase training and awareness for loss prevention professionals."

One of the largest use cases of LVT Units is loss prevention. Retailers place our units in their parking lot to help observe and prevent theft both inside and outside the stores. In fact, by placing a LVT Unit in their parking lot, one national retailer saw a decrease of up to 70% in parking lot incidents. This included a decrease in thefts and merchandise shrinkage.

LVT Units also help reduce merchandise shrinkage through deterrence and collection of evidence. People are less likely to steal if they know they are being recorded. LVT Units help reduce loss of skirt front items and in-store items because people are aware that the unit is collecting evidence of their actions.

Read more about how LVT helps retailers reduce theft here. Learn more about the LPF and our partnership with them here

Also be sure to catch the webinars we have worked on with LPF—the first covers the importance of deterrence, and the second discusses how to prevent organized retail crime.

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