Behind the Lens: How Retailers Can Use Surveillance Cameras to Combat Theft

Here are six ways that retailers can use mobile security units to prevent organized retail crime.

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May 13, 2024
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Kailey Boucher
Marketing Writer

Flash robberies. Return fraud. Cargo theft. These are just a few common organized retail crime tactics that are terrorizing businesses across the country. Criminal enterprises are hitting retailers harder than ever, where it hurts most—their bottom lines.

Statistics show that the average amount stolen per organized retail crime case is a staggering $353,044. In the first half of 2023 alone, these coordinated heists cost the industry more than $294 million in losses.

With notoriously thin retail margins, these losses are unsustainable for many businesses. Countless stores have had to make difficult tradeoffs like slashing operating hours or raising prices. In 2023 alone, 2,874 store locations closed their doors, citing dwindling profits from the barrage of theft along with rising violence and changing shopping trends.

As spiking crime puts increasing pressure on retailers, it’s more important than ever to leverage remote surveillance solutions for retail crime prevention. In this article, we'll explore six ways to make the most out of retail store surveillance systems.

Commercial security systems and video surveillance

A commercial security system is a set of tools designed to protect businesses against theft, vandalism, unauthorized entry, and other unwanted incidents. These systems can include various features like alarms, devices that control who can enter, systems that detect intruders, and video surveillance cameras. 

Video surveillance is a crucial part of many commercial security systems. It involves setting up surveillance cameras in key spots around a business to watch and record what happens. These recordings can be watched live or later to help understand a security issue or to provide proof of what happened.

Commercial retail security solutions and video surveillance often go hand-in-hand, working together to create a strong defense against security threats. Surveillance cameras watch and record what's happening, which helps in spotting and documenting threats—think of them as the eyes and ears of a retail security solution. Other system components like alarms and access controls function as the muscles and reflexes, swiftly responding to and managing any threats that arise.

Improving store security with retail security systems and alarms

When it comes to bulletproofing your business against crime, a robust surveillance system is your first line of defense. From strategic camera placement to AI-powered security analytics and rapid third-party response teams, here's how to use remote surveillance solutions for retail crime prevention.

1. Securing hotspots with strategic camera placement

Effective theft prevention begins with strategic camera placement. Positioning surveillance cameras to cover high-risk areas, entry and exit points, and valuable merchandise displays ensures comprehensive coverage of potential theft hotspots. And a convenient side effect is that the visible presence of surveillance cameras will discourage would-be wrongdoers. 

2. Clear vision—even in darkness or adverse weather

Criminal activities often occur under the cover of darkness. Luckily, surveillance cameras give you superpowers in the vision department. High-definition cameras give you a crisp, clear view of everything that goes on in your lot. No lighting? No problem. Thermal imaging cameras can offer an additional layer of security by allowing you to detect heat signatures at considerable distances, even in complete darkness or adverse weather conditions.

3. Real-time watchdogs that never sleep

Why settle for reactive security when you can have a team of virtual watchdogs on patrol 24/7? With real-time monitoring capabilities, your surveillance squad is always in the know about every nook and cranny of your premises—without having to be on-site or online at all hours of the day. The moment someone starts acting suspiciously or things go awry on your lot, your team gets a real-time alert and can respond quickly, shutting situations down before they can escalate. Plus, you can review footage and control settings remotely—it's like having a security detail that travels lighter than your carry-on.

4. Third-party alert response service for quick incident response

Responding to incidents quickly is a demanding job—crime can happen any time, and you probably aren’t onsite all day every day. But you don’t have to handle incident response alone.  LVT can match you with rigorously trained third-party alert response services that operate as an extension of your security force. When a real situation arises, they spring into action based on custom protocols tailored to your industry, pain points, and needs. Their operators will quickly reach out to verify activity on your premises or take the next step and mobilize local law enforcement for a rapid response.

5. AI-powered brains to back up the brawn

Surveillance systems aren't just fancy camera lenses—they pack some serious cognitive power under the hood. From archived events and data to real-time system health monitoring, self-healing capabilities, and the ability to discern trends and predict patterns, you’ll be empowered to spot red flags and stop unwanted behaviors before they become five-alarm emergencies. AI-powered analytics also offer valuable data that can be analyzed to make informed decisions about store layouts, employee training, and customer service improvements.

6. Lock down evidence for the courtroom

Even when taking maximum precautions, unexpected accidents or crimes are going to happen sometimes. The good news is that your surveillance software has your back when it comes to making sure justice is served. Archived high-definition video evidence and detailed records make prosecution as straightforward as possible. Your system's footage is the star witness, giving law enforcement and prosecutors an open-and-shut case to bring the perpetrators to justice. It's like having an unimpeachable alibi. 

The most powerful retail security solution on the market

Having a robust retail store surveillance system is more than just a smart investment—it's the key to protecting the things that matter most and ensuring peace of mind for you, your staff, and your customers. 

LVT’s cutting-edge retail store surveillance systems empower you to keep a watchful eye on every corner of your premises 24/7 while leveraging advanced technology to discern real threats from false alarms. You'll gain invaluable evidence to aid investigations, actionable data insights to optimize operations, and rapid incident response capabilities to mitigate losses, all while sending a powerful deterrent message to would-be criminals.

If you're serious about fortifying your defenses against theft, inventory loss, and the existential threat of organized crime rings, it's time to upgrade to the most powerful retail store surveillance system on the market. 

Contact our team today to learn more about our retail security solutions.

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