How LVT’s Remote Surveillance Systems Stand Apart from Competitors

What makes LVT stand out in the mobile surveillance world?

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January 23, 2024
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Nikki Siegel
Marketing Writer

There’s no question that surveillance camera systems are a game-changer for any business. Security cameras deter wrongdoing, provide evidence, and can even monitor progress.

But in a world where convenience, flexibility, and real-time access to information are paramount, traditional systems are lacking.

Enter the remote security camera unit. Flexible, automated, mobile, and cost-effective, these units are difficult to beat when it comes to modern security needs.

Take a closer look at four ways LiveView Technologies (LVT) stands out compared to traditional systems (and makes your life easier in the process).

Rapid and Flexible Deployment

Surveillance camera systems can be incredibly useful, but the traditional hard-wired install is also incredibly stressful. It takes time, hassle, and a large upfront investment to put all of those cameras in place, and you’re either out of luck or your out of a lot more money if you realize your camera placements aren’t working. After all, it’s not like you can just pick up those cameras and move them to a better vantage point… But what if you could?

LVT mobile security units were specifically designed to adapt to any situation. These units only take minutes to fully deploy and can be moved to a better vantage point whenever you need—without any extra hassle.

The LVT Unit doesn’t require days or weeks of labor-intensive (not to mention money-intensive) utility connections because it doesn’t require existing infrastructure to function: each unit is equipped with solar panels, creating its own power source and leaving you free to park it anywhere you choose. These solar panel security cameras are also equipped with backup batteries, creating an additional layer of protection to ensure the power doesn’t go out.

These units don’t require you to provide outside utilities of any kind—including internet. LVT Units wirelessly connect to the cloud using a cellular connection, a more reliable and cost-efficient alternative to Wi-Fi. This connection to the cloud enables you to view your footage and control your cameras from any place at any time, freeing you from extensive internal camera storage systems and fixed monitoring sites.

Automated Deterrence

As completely self-contained security packages (including tall camera mounts), LVT Units have nothing subtle about them. They are a clear, obvious message that you take your security seriously and thieves will have to smile for the camera if they come near your property. This in itself is a major deterrent for wrongdoers (after all, people are much less likely to misbehave when they know others are watching), but each LVT mobile security unit is equipped to act instantly should any crime be committed.

When these remote security cameras sense something amiss, they are set to instantly alert you that things aren’t as they should be. This notification allows you to check the appropriate camera immediately to confirm your site is still secure or to send the police out to take action. (Law enforcement respond much faster to a crime in progress than one that has already taken place.)

In addition to the automated alerts, strobe lights, floodlights, and a loud speaker on the unit tell the trespasser that they’ve been caught red-handed and that security or law enforcement are on their way. (To choose your exact wording, you can simply program your desired message and the loudspeaker will project it for you.)

Mobile Platform

Onsite security control centers and video storage solutions are costly in more ways than one: they cost quite a bit to install and maintain, they take up valuable real estate, and they can take valuable time from investigations if you need to retrieve specific footage.

LVT’s remote surveillance camera systems, on the other hand, rely on cloud-based storage solutions and use a mobile platform as their base of operations. The LVT Platform, which is LVT’s proprietary video management system, gives you the all the benefits of a security control center without all the costs. Not only that, but you can use the platform on any computer or mobile device of your choosing, giving you full control at the office or on the go.

You can use the LVT Platform to do all of the following:

  • Stream live video
  • Seamlessly switch from camera to camera
  • Access archived footage
  • Manage multiple units
  • Control the pan, tilt, and zoom of your cameras
  • Take a still shot
  • Communicate through the speaker in real time
  • Control your unit’s flood and strobe lights

Thanks to LVT’s ability to use low-power, edge-based AI computer vision to accurately discern between humans, tree branches, animals, and more, the LVT Platform is also equipped to give accurate alerts straight to your mobile device as any issue arises.


It’s no secret that traditional security systems have major costs associated with them, especially during their initial install. Save yourself the money and headache by skipping the costly infrastructure and moving straight into the benefits of a surveillance camera system.

Because of the proprietary technology LVT has developed, LVT is able to manage all the following at a fraction of the typical cost:

  • Data centers
  • Network
  • Connectivity
  • Software
  • IT support

What does this look like when translated in numbers? Just as one example of the many cost savings: LVT utilizes cellular data that saves its customers nearly 90% of what similar data usage plans cost.

Without the need to pay for costly data centers, major infrastructure, or IT teams to manage your system, you will have more time, money, and energy to focus on what your business does best. 

Interested in trying an LVT Unit for your business? Click here to contact LVT today.

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