How Do Wireless Security Cameras Work?

Security cameras and surveillance systems can now deliver high-quality video without wires. Shop wireless and solar-powered cameras from LiveView Technologies.

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January 24, 2024
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Traditional surveillance systems worked by sending a live feed from security cameras through wires to a monitoring station. Those wires could be cut by a thief or by accident. Today, though, security cameras can deliver video feeds wirelessly.

Many typical connected devices use an internet connection and short-range Wi-Fi technology. However, cutting-edge security cameras send their video feeds through independent radio transmissions. A receiver then transfers the feed either to an on-site recorder or storage in the cloud. Businesses can see these videos live or review them later.

Wired security cameras vs. wireless security cameras

Wired security systems have several downsides. Wires are often easily visible to thieves, who may cut them to disable the system. If cameras are also powered by wires, they can fail during a power outage—or through deliberate sabotage. Furthermore, new wires often have to be installed through significant labor to set up security cameras and surveillance systems.

Wireless cameras, in contrast, don’t depend on physical connections to transmit their video and audio data. They may even have independent power sources, allowing them to run during an outage.

Benefits of wireless security cameras

With a wired system, you may need professional workers to take apart your walls and run new wires through them. But a wireless system doesn’t require your facility to be changed—it can be installed much more quickly, following simple instructions. 

It may also be possible to move wireless cameras easily if you find that their placement is not optimal. You might even move your whole business to a new office as you grow, and you can take your wireless cameras with you. Some may be mounted on tripods or mobile platforms, making them even easier to relocate.

FAQs about wireless security cameras

Q: What does a wireless security camera app do?

A: A wireless security system may come with an app that lets you access your video recordings and monitor live video feeds. You may be able to use these functions from any internet-connected device, even while you’re away from your business. 

Q: Do wireless cameras have their own power source?

A: Some wireless security cameras are wired to the electricity in your building, some have a battery backup system for temporary power outages, and some are completely wireless, relying on solar power, such as cameras from LiveView Technologies.

Q: Where is video stored?

A: Some systems store video recordings on a physical device at your location, while others keep recordings in the cloud. Either system may allow remote access to recordings through an internet-connected device.

Will wireless security cameras work for your business? Explore our website to check out our exciting hardware that can be placed at your location in minutes and get your custom quote. 

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