Guide to Security Cameras With Strobe Lights

What is the advantage to having strobe lights on your security cameras?

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January 24, 2024
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When you think about the benefits of security cameras, you probably think about their picture quality, the way they scare off thieves, their connection to human monitoring, and so on. But do you think of security cameras with strobe lights? Maybe not, but strobe lights offer huge benefits to property owners. 

What is a security strobe light? It is a flashing light on or near the cameras. Sometimes it turns on when an alarm is activated and then pulses on and off very quickly. Other times it may be set to run continuously. The light can be a range of colors from white, yellow, red, or blue. It attracts visual attention just as a siren attracts auditory attention. 

How do strobe lights work on security cameras?

Many security systems have certain programmed conditions that are triggered by the presence of intruders. When a threat is detected, some systems use an alarm or siren while some can also turn on strobe lights. 

Why are security cameras with strobe lights beneficial?

Security strobe lights improve safety and security in several ways, which include:

  • The flashing light tells neighbors or other business owners that the property is under surveillance.
  • It can be armed to go off only when the alarm is sounded and can indicate that a breach has just occurred.
  • The strobe light looks like law enforcement, and therefore increases the cameras’ deterrence.
  • It helps police find the location faster at night, along with fire department personnel, if necessary.
  • It is an additional way to deter intruders and warn bystanders.

Don’t underestimate the power of technology to deter crime. Many thieves want their activities to be as easy and risk-free as possible. If you post a sign that says you have sirens, security cameras, and strobe lights on your property, thieves often move on to a different target. 

Improve your security, protect your assets

Do you need to add security strobe lights to your property protection system? It’s smart to use every advantage you can against thieves and vandals. With security hardware from LiveView Technologies, you can get customized surveillance equipment for your property. Strobe lights are one of the features included in almost every unit. Other include:

  • Thermal sensors
  • Two-way audio
  • Mobile notifications
  • And more

LVT can also set up your equipment in minutes. If you want to improve your security system, you can shop on our website and get the hardware you want almost as soon as you ask for it. Learn more here.

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