Employee Highlight: Previn Menon

Meet our Software Engineering Manager.

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July 9, 2021
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

Previn Menon

Software Engineering Manager

With three years at LiveView Technologies, Previn Menon is among some of the longest tenured employees in the company. In his position as the Software Engineering Manager, Menon oversees and helps two teams that are responsible for the cloud programming and the edge/embedded programming in LVT units. He has three favorite parts of his job. Menon says they are, “The people I get to work with and learn from, the product and technologies I get to use, and LVT's great culture.”

Menon is originally from East Millcreek, Utah and studied electrical engineering at Brigham Young University. He loves to travel with his family. In fact, the first thing he would do if he won a million dollars would be to buy plane tickets and accommodations so he and his family to travel around the world. However, while he is waiting for that windfall, Menon enjoys working around the yard and house with his wife and kids, as well as playing both the acoustic and electric violin.

According to Menon, the craziest thing he ever did was to date his now wife. “That was completely out of my comfort zone,” he said. “She’s amazing.” Together they have three children—welcoming their third towards the end of last year.

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