Employee Highlight: Kailey Boucher

Meet one of the stars on our learning and development team.

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September 21, 2021
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

Kailey Boucher

Learning and Development Content Writer

Kailey Boucher loves languages. She majored in French with a minor in Spanish with the goal to be a translator. “I love languages,” said Boucher, “but I found myself working in content to pay my way through college and fell in love with it!”

While she works as an English content writer, her language skills have come in handy on multiple translation projects at LiveView Technologies. Boucher joined LVT in November 2020. As a content writer, she creates content for almost every team and department. “I love being able to work on a variety of projects—from helping with tech writing projects to working on social media and writing posts for the LVT blog,” she said. However, her favorite part of her job is the creativity she gets to apply to her work and her team. “LVT has the best crew!” she said.

Boucher is originally from Utah but spent some time in Montreal with her family. Now, however, she plans to stay in Utah for the foreseeable future. She and her husband recently purchased a home in Lehi, Utah. When she is not at work, Boucher loves reading, baking, traveling, and trying new restaurants. 

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